Eligibility Criteria and Procedures for Employees of Other Tuition Exchange Schools

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TO: Scholars for Potential Tuition Exchange Import
DATE: June 14, 2017
SUBJECT: Terms for Import Scholars of the Tuition Exchange Program at Rider University
  1. A potential import scholar must apply for admission to Rider before any consideration can be given for a Tuition Exchange grant.
  2. Grants are for full-time undergraduate tuition at Rider University only. The tuition amount for Academic Year 2019 will be announced in April 2018. The full tuition grant will be reduced by the amounts of any other tuition-based grants or prizes for which the import scholar is eligible. The scholar is responsible for submitting financial aid applications and the FAFSA results according to the requirements of the Rider Financial Aid Office. Under current IRS code, TE grants are not taxable.
  3. Grants are for a maximum of 8 semesters, excluding the January term, summer session work, and course work that does not further progress towards the degree. Your award may be for a shorter period depending on your program request and the certification terms of the exporting institution. Study Abroad semesters are eligible if billable by Rider and demonstrably contributing towards the degree. Import scholars must be under the age of 24 years, and must meet, on a continuing basis, Rider University’s standards for academic performance and personal conduct, as detailed in the University’s course catalog. The parent whose employment conveys eligibility must continue to meet their institution’s eligibility criteria, as certified annually by that employing institution.
  4. Scholars who skip a semester or a partial one, for whatever reason, may lose their place in the program, and may be required to re-apply to finish out the eight-semester maximum grant. If the TE Scholar must drop out during the semester, tuition refunds and grants reversals will be governed by procedures as defined in the Rider University Financial Aid Office.
  5. Tuition Exchange grants for study at Rider University are not available to Rider employees or to their dependents.
  6. Rider University may limit the number of import scholars attending at any one time. Selection of grantees will be made in February of the academic year preceding matriculation. For September 2018, five scholarships are available. Tuition Exchange applications are not accepted after December for the following September.