Rider University Resources

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Title IX Coordinator/Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Robert Stoto
Moore Library, Room 108; 609-895-5683; [email protected]

Tom Johnson
Title IX Compliance Officer
Bart Luedeke Center, Room 113B
609-895-5000 ext 7309
[email protected]

Student Health Center
Poyda C 1st floor, Lawrenceville campus; 609-896-5060 weekdays
Taylor Hall, Princeton campus; 609-721-7100, x8222 weekdays

Counseling Center
Zoerner House, Lawrenceville campus; 609-896-5157 weekdays
Williamson Hall, Princeton campus 609-921-7100, x8275

Division of Student Affairs
Cindy Threatt, Dean of Students
Bart Luedeke Center, Lawrenceville campus
[email protected]

Christopher Botti, Associate Dean of Students
Scheide Student Center, Princeton campus
609-921-7100, x8263
[email protected]

Department of Public Safety
West House, Lawrenceville campus; Bristol Chapel basement, Princeton campus
Both campuses: 609-896-5029 (non-emergency); 609-896-7777 (emergency)

The Alcohol/Drug & Sexual Assault Prevention Education Coordinator (ASAP)
Susan Stahley, MSW
Student Health Center; 609-895-5721; [email protected]; [email protected];; Twitter: @RUASAP

Student Financial Services
Bart Luedeke Center, 2nd floor, Lawrenceville campus;
Williamson Hall, lower level, Princeton campus
Both campuses: 1-800-257-9026; [email protected]