Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy

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Policy effective September 1, 2019

  1. Notice of Title IX Coordinator

  2. University Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy

  3. Prohibited Conduct and Definitions

  4. Statement on Consensual Relations between Faculty and Students, Athletic Staff and Student-Athletes and Employees and Subordinates

  5. Reporting and Confidentiality

    1. Reporting Allegations of a Policy Violations

    2. Amnesty Provision Regarding Alcohol Policy and/or Student Code of Conduct Violations

    3. Reporting and Confidentially Disclosing Sexual Violence: Know the Options

    4. Requesting Confidentiality from the University

    5. Providing False Information

  6. Responsible Employees

  7. Getting Help If You Experienced Sexual Violence

    1. If you have experienced sexual violence or intimate partner violence: getting help as soon as possible

    2. University Assistance for a Complainant 

  8. Protective Measures and Accommodations

    1. Requesting Accommodations

    2. Protective Measures Pending Resolution of a Report of a Student Violation of the Policy

    3. Protective Measures and Accommodations Following a Finding of Responsibility of a Student Violation of the Policy

  9. Initial Assessment of a Report

  10. Investigating and Resolving Allegations of Employee Violations of the Policy

    1. Informal Procedures for Employee Violations of the Policy

    2. Formal Procedures for Employee Violations of the Policy

    3. Appeals of Resolution of Employee Violations

  11. Investigating and Resolving Reports of Student Violations of the Policy

    1. Mediation

      1. Confidentiality of the Mediation Process

      2. Mediation Process

      3. Mediation Procedures

      4. Mediation Outcomes

    2. Formal Adjudication

      1. Timeframe for Formal Adjudication Process

      2. Advisors

      3. Confidentiality of the Investigation

      4. Investigation Process

      5. Investigation Procedures

      6. Investigation Outcomes

    3. Formal Hearing

      1. Confidentiality of the Formal Hearing Process

      2. Composition and Purpose of the Board

      3. Pre-Hearing Procedures

      4. Hearing Procedures

      5. Hearing Outcomes

      6. Appeal

  12. Violation Levels and Consequences for Students

  13. Primary Prevention Programs and Ongoing Prevention and Awareness Campaigns

  14. New Jersey Campus Sexual Assault Victim’s Bill of Rights

  15. Resources

    1. Rider University Resources

    2. Community Resources

    3. Hospitals

    4. Other Resources

    5. If you have experienced sexual, intimate partner violence, or stalking, get help as soon as possible.

Download the Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy (PDF)