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The Enrollment Management organization will continue to help the renewal efforts of Rider University. The following 10 strategic goals, as outlined in Strategic Plan adopted on June 15, 2005, and relative action items and assessment, will be the primary focus of the Enrollment Management organization.

  1. Implement an enrollment management plan that increases the average SAT score and high school GPA of incoming freshmen; improves retention and graduate rates; and increases freshmen, transfer, graduate and Continuing Studies enrollments.
  2. Offer new graduate, certificate, and other innovative academic programs and course delivery methods that respond to the needs of adults and non-traditional learners. These may include professional development seminars, on-line courses, certificate programs and off-campus programming.
  3. Implement enrollment management and financial aid strategies that improve recruitment and retention and recognize academic achievement and leadership skills among students.
  4. Adopt a more centralized approach and improved access to University services and resources such as the bursar, financial aid and registrar. Consider physical location and use of technology.
  5. Implement integrated marketing, advertising, and public relations plans that expand awareness of the University beyond the immediate region into other states, contribute to improved new student recruitment and alumni and donor engagement, build institutional pride, and inform the internal and external communities of current and/or significant initiatives, events and achievements.
  6. Continue to develop and promote new academic programs that connect business and science, communication and business, and education and communication, among others.
  7. Continue to strengthen Rider’s website, including both internal and external components and ensuring a consistent look and image throughout.
  8. Implement a student recruitment and retention plan that increases minority and international enrollments. Ensure the provision of academic and student life programs and services that address the needs of these diverse populations.
  9. Utilize external validations (i.e., specialized accreditations and rankings) as key strategic components of Rider’s marketing, advertising and public relations efforts.
  10. Evaluate and strengthen the Rider Achievement Program (RAP), reviewing such things as linked courses, advising, small class sizes, Supplemental Instruction, and specialized orientation and co-curricular activities, particularly within the freshman year.