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Retention Strategies and Initiatives

In order for Rider to successfully implement an Enrollment Management University-wide approach, the University must address the attrition issues within the freshman class. Retention issues are addressed by Enrollment Management by defining and addressing three areas of concern that will help in charting the best course for improvements in student/community satisfaction and developing the University Retention Plan.

The three questions that continually need to be addressed are:

  • Is Rider University accepting students who will enroll – or is Rider University accepting students who will graduate?
  • Have we created a supportive, actively engaged academic environment?
  • What have we done to create a community outside the classroom?

Throughout the Strategic Planning process, Enrollment Management considers ways in which the University needs to engage in a dialogue, pursue additional data, and create objectives and action strategies that help improve the institution’s retention by a measurable result over the next five years. The action strategies assessed on an ongoing basis by Enrollment Management. The measurable result should realize a .5% to 1% increase each year. Retention strategists state that an increase beyond 1% in a year is difficult to attain.