Creative Request Form

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General guidelines when submitting requests:

  • Though our workload constantly changes, you may refer to our typical project timelines for planning purposes. These timelines are to help give you a general idea of how far in advance to start planning and gathering all the information that our team will need to produce your final product. It will also inform you as to how far in advance you will need to submit this request form in order for the creative team to turn around your project. Please allow as much time as possible. 
  • After you submit your request, you will receive an automatic email from [email protected] confirming that we have received your request. A member of our team will then contact you within five business days regarding next steps and to set up a meeting if necessary to discuss project scope and schedule.
  • A Basecamp project (our project management tool) will then be created where all future communications for your project will take place. New to Basecamp? Check out Basecamp's online learning guide for help getting started.
  • To avoid confusion during the approval process, as the project requestor, you are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your deliverables and covering costs related to their production (such as printing). We will provide you via Basecamp a proofing guide as a resource that can help you as you review your proofs.
Be as specific as you can about the details of your project, what is needed, and the goals that you are trying to accomplish.
Will any parts of your project be mailed? *

Provide specific dates. "ASAP" is not a valid response and may cause delays.