Rider University’s School of Fine & Performing Arts, a division of the Westminster College of the Arts,  will be opening a new dance studio in time for the fall semester and to welcome its historically high incoming class. 
“The decision to build a dance studio addressed the needs of our growing dance and musical theatre programs,” said Dr. Marshall Onofrio, dean of the Westminster College of the Arts at Rider University. “We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the creation of the College of the Arts this year so this studio could not come at a better time. Over the past 10 years, Rider has been very responsive in creating new facilities for our arts students.”
The new studio project was started when Barnes & Noble, the University’s bookstore, was able to release space to the University for academic needs. Because of the growth of the fine arts program, the University decided a new dance studio took priority. 
More than 20 dance majors and 140 musical theater majors will be able to enjoy the dance studio. The 2,200 square foot studio will feature: an open dance room that accommodates around 20 people, an office for faculty, a lobby with lockers, two individual rehearsal spaces for voice students and more. 
“We are very excited about the opening of the dance studio this fall,” Onofrio said. “The studio will allow us to continue to grow our program and deliver more dance courses in a safe environment.”
“The more amenities and student conveniences that we can install the better the atmosphere is for our entire campus community,” said Mike Reca, vice president of facilities and university operations. “Part of Rider’s philosophy is to develop a living and learning community to ensure our students and faculty have a quality experience.” 
Some other renovations happening around include: electrical upgrades to Hill Residence Hall, Ziegler Residence Hall and Gee Residence Hall; new ceiling, lights, floors and more on the first floor of the Science & Technology Center; a new recruiting lounge and academic support center in Maurer Physical Education Center; a new roof, interior and exterior painting on P.J. Ciambelli Hall; and a renovated Starbucks in the lobby of the Student Recreation Center.