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We’ve gathered some of the world’s best personality and interest assessments to help you hone in on who you are and what you’re most passionate about.


Strong Interest Inventory (SII)

How much does it cost: FREE
How long does it take? 30 minutes

Strong Interest Inventory offers insight into your interests that may help inform your career choice. The inventory takes about 30 minutes to complete.

What you get:  After it's scored, you’ll be provided with a summary of how your interests apply in six areas that will help you understand what types of work environments best suit you, the type of people you are most likely to work well with and types of work tasks you are most likely to enjoy. It also measures how your interests might be similar to those of others.

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Other Assessment Tools

Need additional help? We've carefully selected a proven array of tests and assessment tools to help you navigate through your career choices and discover the positions that inspire and motivate you.

The Jung Typology TestTM

How much does it cost: FREE
How long does it take? 30 minutes

Similar to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, The Jung assessment asks you to qualify statements about how you perceive the world. You’ll respond to 56 statements and indicate whether or not they apply to you, and how much.

What you get:  Upon completion, you’ll receive a description of your personality type.

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Personal Values Assessment (PVA)

How much does it cost: FREE
How long does it take? 15 minutes

Values reflect what is important to us, describe our individual motivations, and drive our decision-making.

What you get: This assessment will help you better understand your values so you can better understand your reactions and actions.

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Clifton Strengths Finder

How much does it cost: $12 – $15
Format: book

The Clifton Strengths Finder assesses personality through Positive Psychology. The assessment presents 177 items to you. Each item consists of a pair of potential self-descriptors, such as "I read instructions carefully" versus "I like to jump right into things." You’re asked to choose the descriptor that best describes you, and to identify which that chosen option is descriptive of you. You are given 20 seconds to respond to a given pair of descriptors before the assessment automatically presents the next pair.

What you get: You'll receive a personalized Strengths Report, an Action-Planning Guide and access to an online Strengths Community.

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