Rider's Commitment

The Cranberry Investment symbolizes our investment in you and our belief in the value and quality of a Rider education. We’re so confident that a degree from Rider will prepare our students for future success that we guarantee that Rider graduates will gain an entry-level position or acceptance into a graduate or professional program in their field of study within six (6) months of graduation or we’ll provide career coaching and may recommend either nine additional credits of undergraduate coursework in your field of study at no cost or a paid six-month internship.

What it means for our students:

  • Undergraduate students will have a plan in place to obtain an entry-level job related to their field of study or be accepted into graduate or professional school within six months of graduation.
  • For those who comply with the plan and do not obtain an entry-level position or graduate or professional school acceptance in their field of study within six months of graduation, Rider will provide focused career coaching and, at Rider's discretion, either additional undergraduate coursework (up to nine credits free in which the student must maintain a GPA ≥ 3.0) or a paid internship.
  • To reach this goal, prior to graduation, Rider will support current students by providing individual career coaching and helping them secure an Enriched Career Experience in the Engaged Learning categories of internships, co-ops, and fieldwork; guided research and independent scholarship; or creativity, media and performances.
  • Reaffirms to our alumni the lifelong value and quality of a Rider degree.
  • Assures potential employers that Rider's graduates are well prepared to enter the workforce and make meaningful contributions to their organizations.
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Move Forward Fearlessly

At Rider, we push you to be your unstoppable self. We’re invested in helping you create a future that feels true to you by empowering you to pursue your own unique path. Through strong academic programs coupled with robust co-curricular experiences, we build the foundation for you to move forward fearlessly.

The Cranberry Investment takes our commitment to your growth and potential one step further. It reinforces the University's goal to provide you with the transformative experiences that lead to career success, and equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make your unique mark on the world as soon as you leave Rider.

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Responsibilities & FAQs

Get started on the right path by exploring the opportunities and future possibilities offered through the Cranberry Investment. Learn more about the specific qualifications and program requirements.

Your Path to Success

If you learn one thing about Rider, we want it to be this: Your goals are within reach. Rider's aim is to provide you with transformative experiences so you can move forward fearlessly. As a Rider graduate, you'll depart with newfound confidence and a career game plan. Here's how we build the foundation to your success. 

Start your journey, gain experience, become career-ready, and launch your future