Auditions & Interviews

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The following is important information for programs requiring an Audition or Interview as part of the application process for the Westminster College of the Arts.

Please review the specific academic and artistic requirements for your major. This information can be found on your school’s individual page.

Westminster Choir College
Organ Performance
Voice Performance
Music Education
Sacred Music
Theory and Composition
Choral Conducting Pre-Screening
Masters of Voice Pedagogy
Graduate Music Education

School of Fine and Performing Arts
Musical Theatre - Theatre with a Concentration in Musical Theatre (B.F.A. or B.A.)
Theatre with a Concentration in Technical Theatre (B.A.)
Theatre with a Concentration in Acting 
Theatre with a Concentration in Theatre Studies (B.A.)
Popular Music Studies with a Concentration in Performance (B.A.)
Popular Music Studies with a Concentration in Songwriting (B.A.)
Musical Theatre Direction: Primary Instrument Piano (B.M.)

General Information

  • Auditions and/or Interviews are required for admission to all Westminster Choir College and some School of Fine and Performing Arts programs. 
  • The first step of your audition or interview process, is to submit your Academic Application. Please visit your school’s specific page for further instruction.
  • Auditions and Interviews are by appointment only.
  • A virtual Audition is required for both the BFA in Musical Theatre and the B.A. in Theatre with a Concentration in Musical Theatre.
  • All auditions and interviews are evaluated by faculty members from the relevant departments. 
  • Please note: Neither the Office of Admission nor the individual departments will provide any feedback about the audition or interview to any inquirers, including applicants, parents or teachers.

Important Deadline Information

  • The Application Deadline for Musical Theatre is November 15. 
    • All PreScreen Materials must be submitted by that time. 
    • You cannot submit your academic application and your prescreen materials in the same day. 
    • It will take two to three days for us to build your customized Dashboard so that your prescreen materials can be uploaded
  • Early Action is available to all majors except for the BFA in Musical Theatre or B.A. in Theatre with a Concentration in Musical Theatre
  • The Trustee Scholarship Application is available to all Westminster College of the Arts applicants.  
  • All students interested in Early Action or the Trustee Scholarship must audition or interview before December 20.
  • All students applying for the Trustee Scholarship must submit an application, and if applicable, Pre Screen Materials by November 15.

Scheduled 2020–2021 Audition/Interview Dates

All dates are subject to change

Westminster Choir College Undergraduate Audition & Interview Dates

Saturday, December 5, 2020
Saturday, January 23, 2021
Saturday, February 27, 2021

School of Fine and Performing Arts Audition & Interview Dates

Saturday, December 12, 2020
Saturday, January 9, 2021
Saturday, February 6, 2021

Regional Unified Dates
Tampa- TBD
New York - TBD
Chicago - TBD
Los Angeles - TBD

How to Prepare for your Audition or Interview

  • Choose your clothing for an audition day carefully. An audition is similar to a job interview, in terms of apparel.  The clothes for your audition should be somewhat dressy, appropriate, tasteful and generally conservative. We suggest that you practice in the shoes you plan to wear. Jeans are not appropriate audition attire.

  • Show good judgment in the material you select to present for your audition. Choose audition material that is appropriate for your age and experience.

  • Be able to answer questions about your audition material. Don’t be caught off guard if the faculty asks a question about your song or monologue and it’s meaning or context. 

  • An accompanist will be provided for on campus vocal auditions. You will not be able to rehearse with the accompanist before your audition. Please be sure your music is well-marked and presented in a binder without sheet protectors.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding your audition or interview, please call the Office of Admission at 800-962-4647 or email: [email protected]