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Computer Science and Physics

Computer Science and Physics

Welcome to the Computer Science and Physics Department at Rider University. 

We are a multi-disciplined community of teachers and scholars, focused on delivering a world-class education for our students. Our faculty have a wide range of research interests including machine learning, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, big data, and astrophysics.  Our courses offer our students the opportunity to learn and practice their skills, including on-the-job internships.

Please take a look at our courses and our faculty pages, and feel free to reach out to the department Chairperson, John Bochanski, for more information.

Headshot of John Bochanski
Associate Professor & Chair, Department of Computer Science & Physics
Science Hall 204B


University of Washington, Aug. 2002 – Aug. 2008
Seattle WA, USA
Ph.D., Astronomy, June 2008
Thesis Title: “M Dwarfs in the Local Milky Way: the Field Low-Mass Stellar Luminosity and Mass Functions”
Thesis Advisor: Suzanne L. Hawley

University of Washington, Aug. 2002 – June 2005
Seattle WA, USA
M.S., Astronomy

Villanova University, Aug. 1998 – May 2002
Villanova, PA USA
B.S., Astronomy & Astrophysics, magna cum laude