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Cash prize recently awarded every semester to the History major/minor or Education/History major who wrote the best research paper in a history course. The award is named in honor of the late Dr. Emanuel Levine, a history professor at Rider for nearly 40 years.

Year Name Year Name
Fall 2016 Kate Bradley (I Change My Mind: Women and the Repeal of Prohibition) Spring 2017 Jordan Gendron (Fairies: The Enduring Strength of Irish Myth) and Bethany-May Howard (From the Almshouse to the Middle Class: An English Family’s Journey 1754-2017)
Fall 2015 Randy Ball, (Moral Combat: A Cultural Investigation of Video Games)  Spring 2016 William Benjamin Strahle (The Keystone Man: How Joseph Tito Built the Yugoslav Identity)
Fall 2014 Karryne MacLean (The Colors of Hope and Despair: The Fate of Ellis Island Stowaways from 1893-1924) Spring 2015 Rachel Jensen (The Monster Within: The Demonization of Lesbian Feminists in the Women’s Liberation Movement)
Fall 2013 Kyle Stenger (Disney) Spring 2014 Valerie Losa (King Henry VIII)
Fall 2012 Brittany Gajewski (slavery & abolition in NJ) Spring 2013 Rebecca Russo (Infanticide in Colonial NJ)
Griffith Montferrante (WWII Propaganda in Hollywood Films)
Fall 2011 Daniel Strauss (Prohibition in NJ) Spring 2012 Heather Conway (U.S. Civil War Centennial)
Fall 2010 Dana Nissen (Women & the American Revolution) Spring 2011 Marie Gill (Cleopatra)
Fall 2009 Brandon Copeland (Barbary Piracy) Spring 2010 Robert Fisher (Convention Army)
Alexandra Longo (Spiritualism)
Mark Wetherbee (Animal Rights)
Fall 2008 Benjamin Gibson (Vendée counterrevolution) Spring 2009 Christie DeCarolis (NJ School Segregation, 1961-63)
Fall 2007 Dan Feingold (Robert Owen & Socialism) Spring 2008 Jaclyn Becker (Free Speech Movement, 1964)
Fall 2006 Heather Horowitz (Earl Warren) Spring 2007 Josh Meredith (Civil War in Burlington, NJ)
Fall 2005 Emily Wikoff (Battle of Monmouth) Spring 2006 Staci Pinelli (Pentagon Papers)
Fall 2004 Matthew Hagar (Battle of Trenton) Spring 2005 Sandra Riccio (Alice Paul)
2002 Kristen Hendrickson (U.S./Panama relations) 2003 Timothy Kozlowski (U.S. invasion of Cambodia)
2000 Andrea Torano 2001 Gina Balestrieri (U.S. Freedmen's Bureau)
1998 Thomas R. Saxton (PA mutiny, 1781) 1999 Joshua Crome (Guatemala coup)
1996 David Caine (Hollywood Film Censorship) 1997 Jaime Moltisanti (Elizabeth G. Flynn and the ACLU)
1994 Winifred Lafferty (Japanese-American Internment) 1995 Keith Flynn (Dropping the Atomic Bomb)
1992 Thomas McGuinness (U.S./Nicaragua relations, 1932-36) 1993 Beth Anne Brown (Brown v. Board of Education)
1990 Patricia Rowley (The OSS) 1991 Melissa Beauchesne (Women in the CPUSA)
1988 Kimberly Nagy (suppression of the IWW) 1989 Richard Clee (U.S-China relations, 1949-1950)