Faculty & Staff

Anne Osborne
Professor & Chair
North Hall 106

Teaches East Asian history, with a special focus on China, Japan, and Vietnam. Her research concentrates on the economic, social and ecological transformations of late imperial China. (Ph.D., Columbia)

Thomas Callahan, Jr.
Emeritus Professor

Teaches medieval and modern European history. His research interests center on late-19th and early- 20th century Ireland and Irish emigration to the United States. A Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, he has published I’m Sending a Shamrock to Remind You of Home: Roscommon Families and the Irish Diaspora 1860-1950 (Dublin 2013), and numerous articles.

Lucien Frary
Associate Professor
North Hall 103

Teaches courses on imperial and modern Russia, the Ottoman Empire and the Balkans, modern European and world history, and ancient Greece. His research focuses on Mediterranean, Slavic, and Eastern Orthodox studies in modern times. (Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2003)

Joseph Gowaskie
Emeritus Professor

Teaches United States labor, economic, urban and business history. His research interests include American coal miners and the United Mine Workers of America. He has published articles and reviews in the Journal of American History, Labor History, Business History Review and The Historian. (Ph.D., Catholic)

Brooke Hunter
Associate Professor
North Hall 104

Teaches American history including courses on the American Revolution, Native American and environmental history. She is currently working on a socio-economic study of the mid-Atlantic region during the Revolutionary era. (Ph.D., Delaware)

Headshot of Roderick McDonald
North Hall 114

Teaches Caribbean, Latin American, African-American, and African history. His research concentrates on slavery and the transition to freedom in the Americas. He is the author of The Economy and Material Culture of Slaves: Goods and Chattels on the Sugar Plantations of Jamaica and Louisiana (1993), and Between Slavery and Freedom: Special Magistrate John Anderson’s Journal of St. Vincent during the Apprenticeship (2001).

Headshot of Erica Ryan
Associate Professor of History; Director, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program
North Hall 105

Teaches modern American history, including courses on politics, culture, women, gender, and sexuality. My research focuses on the intersections between ideas about gender, sexuality, and political culture in the modern United States.  I’ve written on the significance of the family as a social and political construction, the development of modern conservatism in America, and the long history of our present day culture wars. (Ph.D. Brown University)

Nikki Shepardson
Associate Professor
North Hall 102

Teaches early modern and modern European history including women's history and the history of Christianity. Her research concentrates on martyrs and martyrdom in sixteenth-century France as well as gender issues in the Renaissance and Reformation. (Ph.D., Rutgers)