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Program Overview

The Rider University (RU) Washington Semester Program (WSP), administered by American University (AU), provides Rider with an unique experiential learning opportunity through academic course work at American University and competitive professional internships in Washington D.C. over the course of a semester. The program opens up countless possibilities for Rider students seeking to obtain employment and/or attend graduate or professional school after graduation. The program is offered during the fall and spring semesters.

Program Details

Students enrolled in the program are registered as full-time (12 to 16 credits).  The program is broken into a seminar (8 credits), an internship (4 credits), and an optional research or elective course (3 or 4 credits). View program details.

Participation Criteria

Qualified students must have completed 75 credits and have a minimum GPA of 2.5. 

Program Deadlines

Fall 2018 deadline: March 15, 2018. 
Spring 2019 deadline: October 1, 2018.

Programs of Study 

Overall, there are ten program concentrations. Note that some programs do have a travel component which is an additional cost to students.  

  1. American Politics
  2. Foreign Policy
  3. Islam and World Affairs (travel component)
  4. Transforming Communities and Public Policy
  5. Justice and Law
  6. Journalism and New Media
  7. International Environment and Development (travel component)
  8. International Law and Organizations (travel component)
  9. Global Economics and Business (D.C. only or travel component)
  10. Peace and Conflict Resolution (travel component)

Estimated Costs

Additional costs would apply to students participating in programs that have a travel component.  Below is a list of total estimated costs as of Spring 2013 per student associated per program:

  • Islam and World Affairs (Egypt and Jordan): $5,400
  • International Environment and Development (Ghana): $5,400
  • International Law and Organizations (NYC, Geneva, Strasbourg, The Hague, and Brussels): $5,200
  • Global Economics and Business (Paris, London, and Brussels): $5,200
  • Peace and Conflict Resolution (Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus): $5,000


Currently, housing is on the American University, Tenley Campus located in Tenleytown which is within walking distance (about 1 mile) of the main campus.  The program will move to the main campus in the next year. 

Partial housing scholarship opportunities are available to qualified students. In the event, a Rider student chose to live off-campus, AU will assist the Rider student in locating off-campus housing. AU will also help Rider students find off-campus housing in the event AU is unable to provide on-campus housing. Nevertheless, Rider students bear the ultimate responsibility for locating off-campus housing.  

Additional Information

You can visit the American University Washington Semester Program website to find out more about the program. Note the application deadline for the Fall 2013 semester is November 1st. Students are admitted on a rolling basis until then.