1. Be familiar with the overall workings of the United Nations system.

2. Have mastery over the NMUN rules of procedures.

3. Regular and punctual attendance of all meetings.

4. Have an expert knowledge of the workings of the Committee to which one is assigned.

5. Have an expert knowledge of the policies of the assigned country toward the particular issues to be raised in that Committee.

6. Make an effort to participate in debate in the simulation sessions. All simulation sessions should end with a discussion and critique period, during which all team members participate. Your simulations and participation on campus earn thirty per cent of your grade.

7. Submit by January 31st, a first-draft position paper, which will be reviewed and returned to you within a week. The second version of the position paper reflecting points 4 and 5 and suggestions of the faculty adviser, should be submitted by mid-February and returned to you a week later. The final version of the position paper is due before Feb. 21 for final formatting and transmittal to NMUN Committee Directors. The position paper will count as thirty per cent of your grade.

8. Submit by March 1st, sample working papers (or operative clauses) of your committee of acceptable quality in terms of contents and format.

9. Be an overall asset to other members of the team, both on campus and in New York, in terms of cooperation, helpfulness, and generally be a resource person in one's area of expertise.

10. Be present and actively participate in all proceedings of the NMUN in New York from the start to the finish. These also include daily morning delegation caucus and late evening collective self-evaluation. Your work at the New York Conference earns thirty per cent of your grade.

11. Do a serious, in-depth self-evaluation of the educational experience derived from participation in the NMUN, and return it to the Faculty Advisor one week after return from New York. This self-evaluation counts as ten per cent of your grade.

12. All research and writing pertaining to the NMUN must be preserved on a floppy disk and submitted to the Faculty Adviser together with the self-evaluation.

13. Optional: You may make an appointment to meet with the Faculty Adviser during the last two weeks of classes, to discuss your grade.