Requirements for the Political Science Major (42 semester hours)

Political Science
POL-100 Introduction to American Politics* 3
POL-102 Understanding Politics* 3
POL-202 The Political System: Theories and Themes 3
  One course from each of the following five subfields: 15
Political Theory
POL-239 Political Thinkers and Political Thought  
POL-340 Modern Democracy and Its Critics  
POL-342 Freedom and Authority  
POL-343 American Political Thought I  
American Politics
POL-235 Race and Ethnicity in American Politics  
POL-305 Political Parties and Electoral Behavior  
POL-312 Congressional Politics  
POL-313 The American Presidency  
Law and Public Policy
POL-300 U.S. Constitutional Law  
POL-301 Civil Liberties in the United States  
POL-325 Public Administration  
POL-326 Power in American Politics  
Comparative Politics
POL-216 Comparative Political Systems  
POL-320 Politics of the Middle East  
POL-365 Third World Politics  
POL-366 Communist Systems: Politics and Policies  
International Relations
POL-215 Global Politics  
POL-225 Nationalism in World Politics  
POL-321 International Law  
POL-371 The Arab-Israeli Conflict  
  Five political science electives, four of which must be at the 300 or 400 level 15
POL-450 Seminar in Political Science 3

*Must be taken in the freshman year.