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Rider University College of Education and Human Services is a nationally accredited institution, which emphasizes continuous improvement of its programs through systematic assessment of teaching and learning.

As leaders in the field of education, our faculty must engage in ongoing program improvement processes that express their commitment to providing the finest professional preparation available in the state and the nation. Program Assessment is very important for ensuring that we achieve our goals and that candidates leave our institution with the knowledge and skills required to be successful teachers for 21st century learners.

In an effort to meet both national and state standards and continuously improve as a College of Education and Human Services, Rider University works with LiveText, an online e-portfolio system to function as its assessment tool. LiveText has a number of important and exciting advantages for faculty and students as an assessment system that has been adopted by over 500 universities across the country. It is a valuable technology tool that compliments our Canvas Learning Management System and provides us with a powerful way to access, assess, and document our efforts. There are a number of benefits for students, including:

  • Tools for Enhanced Organization and Productivity
  • Unlimited File Storage Capabilities
  • Access to Digital Resources and Course Management Tools
  • Use of File Manager in LiveText to store and manage all of your external files in one convenient location – no more costly USB’s or flash drives with LiveText’s unlimited storage. Your work cannot be lost.
  • Easy preparation of customized electronic portfolios to share with colleagues, instructors, and potential employers but privacy is yours until you wish to share your data with others.
  • All-in-one-place portability of work among different classes and across semesters
  • 24/7/365 access from any web-enabled browser
  • Resources, including a rubric maker, searchable standards, assignment templates, and more
  • Integration with Canvas Learning Management System allowing single sign-on for access to both LiveText and Canvas simultaneously.

LiveText is provided through a private vendor and was selected based on (1) the quality of assistance the LiveText company can provide in implementing the system, (2) the quality of support services for students, and (3) the opportunities for students to create and maintain portfolios as a professional tool after leaving Rider University. We believe the portability and long-term usefulness of LiveText will be a strong benefit to both our programs and students. 

Are you a student in need of a LiveText account?

If you are a student needing a LiveText account, you should have received an email from [email protected] with your account set up information. To register your LiveText account, you will need to visit and enter this unique code found in your email when you are prompted to provide your “Membership Key.”