Do you think it is difficult to balance work and family commitments while pursuing your degree?

With Rider's convenient course formats for adult learners, you, too, will be able to attend classes without sacrificing your work schedule or time with family. Rider's College of Continuing Studies offers an alternative to the traditional class meeting schedule

As a College of Continuing Studies' student, you can enroll in any course Rider offers (early morning, day, evening, etc.) However, our alternate format courses (weekend, eight-week alternate, online, and accelerated) are designed especially for the nontraditional student:

Types of Alternate Format Courses:

  • Accelerated Courses (3-week and 6-week): In the Summer Sessions, we offer 3-week and 6-week courses that meet for 3 hours, either 4 or 2 times a week respectively.   January offerings include short term travel and 3-week on campus courses.
  • Online Courses: An increasing number of online courses provide students with the ability to complete coursework anytime, anywhere! 
  • Eight-week Alternate Evening Courses: Eight-week evening courses meet for 3 hours once a week eight times during the semester.  Courses typically meet every other weeknight (e.g. every other Monday evening).