Program overview

A Chinese minor is a valuable supplement to degree programs in business, education, music and more. Through this exciting minor program, you will be ushered into a fascinating culture that is not only rich and colorful, but also both ancient and modern. Broaden your horizons and be prepared to pursue careers in business, government, education, translation, national security, military intelligence, communications, travel and more. 

Chinese is easy to learn: no verbal conjugations needed! 

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Minor requirements

Our 18-credit minor creates a comprehensive learning experience with courses in Chinese culture, literature, composition, and phonetics and conversation.

Note: CHI II counts towards the minor, which means that once you are done with CHI II, you are only 15 credits (5 courses) away from completing the minor.


Chinese (Minor)

Elizabeth Scheiber

Professor of French and Italian, Chairperson

Fine Arts

escheiber [at]

609-921-7100, ext. 8245

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