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Daly’s serves more than 3,000 students each day using initiatives that reduce waste, improve nutrition and minimize its carbon footprint.  Some of these are invisible to its customers, while others invite conscious participation by students, faculty and staff.  

Behind the scenes and in cooperation with Waste Management, Daly’s workers collect and compost 90% of the food waste generated to create fertilizer and recycle all fryer grease into biofuel.   Locally sourced produce, bakery and dairy supports the business of local farms and reduces transportation costs and CO2 waste.  Purchase of fair trade coffee ensures fair and just rights for laborers.  Trays for buffet dining were eliminated in 2009, reducing food waste and energy and water needed to wash trays.  Sustainable decisions in dining services have impacts beyond meals we get on our plates. 

Two more obvious community initiatives are the Coffee Mug and Green-to-Go programs.  Bringing your own mug means you only pay the price of a small coffee across campus.  Green-to-Go offers reusable containers for carry out meals.   Students trade in key fobs for these containers and get a fresh, clean one every time they fill up.

Dining options also offer community members vegan and vegetarian options which helps us all eat lower on the food chain, increasing nutrition and efficiency.  Produce from the garden will be available in Cranberry’s Café starting in the summer of 2013. 

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