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The President’s Award is presented annually to outstanding students selected by a committee of faculty, students and administrators. Awardees exemplify academic performance, extra-curricular achievement, and service to the University. Recipients exemplify the highest attributes of leadership and personify Rider's mission to challenge students to think critically, communicate clearly and lead effectively. They are typically presented at a ceremony towards the end of the spring semester and before Commencement.

The award is presented annually to two seniors from the Lawrenceville campus and one from the Westminster campus; the award is made possible by a gift from the Class of 1974. Other gifts over the years have augmented this, allowing the award to be sustained in perpetuity. In addition to an inscribed gift, recipients' names are placed on a permanent plaque displayed in the Student Center.

2020 Paige Ewing, Charles Palmer, Kathryn Smith
2019 Olivia Battinelli, Kevin Burns, Kelly Ruggieri
2018 Mary-Lyn Buckley, Gillian Erlenborn, John Modica
2017 Ruth Del Pino, Ryan Hopely, Emily Maclain Hardin
2016 Shaun Bartole, Christina Diecidue, Jessica Stanislawczyk
2015 Sean Cackoski, Elizabeth Huang, Katianne Janney
2014 Sade C. Caitlin, Eric T. Cottrell, Justin F. Su'esu'e
2013 Kristian Kohler, Corey Roach, Kelly Sandefur
2012 Heather Fischler, Kenneth Jacobs, Ryan LaBoy
2011 Anthony Baron, Amanda Matticks, Michael Zilly
2010 Heather Fischler, Kenneth Jacobs, Ryan LaBoy
2009 Michael Ciaramella, Danielle Phillips, Jonathan Slawson
2008 Nicholas Ballasy, Laura Vendetta, Dionne Lashley
2007 Kimberly Jarosiewicz, Nicholas Barbati, Christian Stuck
2006 Heather Horowitz, Perry Whiteley, Matthew Knickman
2005 Mary Ann Somaine, Matthew Popilowski, Megan Sheridan
2004 Laura Sass, R. Ryan Kimball, Stephanie Naylis
2003 Katierose Donohue, Sean O’Hare, Justin Raffa
2002 Ryan Bernardini, Molly DeSesso, Laura Bruce
2001 Leiry Gonzalez, Timothy Stillings
2000 Leah Nivison, Kirk Hinkley
1999 Sean Kirk, Colleen Costar
1998 Sandeep Chellani, Patricka Smith
1997 Michael Loughran, Karen Marrolli
1996 Christopher Galletti, Vickie Frazier
1995 Michael Keely, Nora Jones
1994 Michele Kurtz, Edward Hoffman
1993 Jody Clayton, Robert Decker, Jr.
1992 Marianne Teixeira, Keith Grim
1991 Niurka Perez, Edward Sarti
1990 Judithanne Scourfield, David Bauerle
1989 Susana Santaguida, Eric Jacobs
1988 Nancy Palmere, John Meberg
1987 John DeLorenzo, Kimberly Lenox
1986 Ann Marie Gibney, Brian Long
1985 Martha VanSciver, Fernando Guerriero