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Focus of Award:  Leadership

Chairpersons are currently eligible for the Iorio (research), Distinguished Teaching and Elliot (service) awards. 

The goal of this new award is to foster and reward outstanding academic leadership.

Nominees require at least the completion of a full term (three years) as chairpersons to be eligible for this award 

Nominees will be evaluated in three areas for their leadership qualities and vision: 

  • Responsible and professional management of the department
  • Mentoring and professional communication
  • Innovation

The following are some examples of criteria which can be applied to each area:

Responsible and professional management of the department

  • Prepares and manages departmental budget in a timely, efficient and responsible manner
  • Oversees the timely and effective planning, preparation and execution of the departmental workload
  • Submits reports, data and other documents as needed by deans and other administrative offices in a timely manner
  • Maintains active internship and co-op programs
  • Monitors and attends to the quality of instruction in the department
  • Facilitates problem-solving and solution-building when difficulties arise
  • Interacts actively and responsibly with students

Mentoring and professional communication

  • Acts as a mentor and positive example to other members of the department and their students
  • Communicates productively with other chairpersons, faculty and students
  • Acts as a liaison for the department to other members of the Rider community
  • Develops external relationships with stakeholders
  • Represents Rider at events


  • Launches new initiatives and projects successfully
  • Provides leadership to the department in the development and evolution of innovative curricula and courses
  • Develops and expands new opportunities for students and faculty

Nominations will be solicited annually, in the fall semester, from academic deans and associate/assistant deans, department chairpersons, and full- and part-time faculty.  Nominations should indicate the support of the dean of the nominee’s college/school and should speak to the nominee’s leadership in the three areas.  Selection will be made by a committee appointed annually by the provost representing all colleges and schools and comprised of two deans/associate deans, the chairperson awardee from the prior year (with the exception of the first year of the award), and two full-time bargaining unit faculty members elected by the UAPC.

As is the case with current awards, the awardees will receive a framed certificate and a $500 check.  The awardees will be also added to the Wall of Fame.  The award will be announced at a special dinner for all chairpersons, and the community will be informed in an appropriate manner by the provost.