Master of Music in Sacred Music

The graduate sacred music program provides advanced training for church musicians from a wide variety of educational, professional, and denominational backgrounds. It is expected that applicants for this program will bring a thorough grounding of musical knowledge and significant experience in full- or part-time music ministry. The curriculum includes general as well as specialized courses in sacred music studies, theology, history, musicology, and applied skills.

Master of Music in Sacred Music (39 semester hours)

 Major Area 39

The History of Sacred Music I/II 3-3

6 (3 per term)
Theology and Practice
SM511 Sacred Music Lab (2 terms) 0
SM631 Worship Planning for the 21st Century 3
SM722 Theology, Liturgy and Worship 3
Applied Study: Choral
CR517 Master Singers (2 terms) 2 (1 per term)
CR621/622 Choral Conducting I/II 6 (3 per term)
SM525 Conductors Performance Ensemble 1
Each student must have an area of Applied Study: 7
Option A: Applied Emphasis *1


Keyboard, Vocal, or Composition primary (3 terms)

6 (2 per term)
SM630  Conducting Coaching *2 1
Option B: Choral Studies
  Conducting Coaching *2 2
CR642 Conducting Primary (2 terms) 2 (1 per term)
SM524 Group Vocal Techniques 3
Core 11


Introduction to Musicology 3
CR509 Symphonic Choir (2 terms) 2 (1 per term)
  Theory or Music History elective (1 course) 3
  Core elective (1 course) *3 3


  1. Students selecting Option A must present a half-recital in the applied area. Departmental approval is required for all recitals. For composition primary students, the recital consists of original works composed while the student was enrolled as a graduate student at Westminster Choir College. For composition primary students, TH625: Composition Class, may be required if it is felt that class work in composition is needed prior to private study. Composition primary students must complete TH626: Analysis as the core theory/music history elective.
  2. Students may not register for concurrently for SM525 and SM630. SM630: Conducting Coaching culminates in a public conducting performance.
  3. The core elective must be a single, 3-credit graduate-level course outside the student’s major area, area of emphasis, and/or area of applied study.
  4. Students must demonstrate a reading knowledge of French or German equivalent to two years of college study.