Your goals are within reach.

We strive to provide you with transformative experiences so you can move forward fearlessly. As a Rider graduate, you'll depart with newfound confidence and a career game plan. Here's the elements that work together to create the foundation to your success.

Here's how we build the foundation for your success.
Students collaborate on a project

Start Your Journey

While affordability has long been our top priority, through Rider’s Lifting Barriers initiative, we’re propelling forward to make a life-changing Rider education more accessible, affordable and valuable than ever with a 22% reduction in undergraduate tuition and increased resources to support student success. We’re working to help students and families overcome the significant obstacles they face in affording a college education while investing in resources that ensure student success for all.

Student working in broadcasting facility

Gain Experience

Engaged Learning allows you to build bridges between your course of study and the world in which we live. You’ll connect academics, career goals and experiential learning with your personal interests to create a meaningful educational experience that is uniquely yours.

Rider student Vivekkumar Govindaswamy at Johnson & Johnson co-op

Become Career-Ready

Expand your education beyond the classroom, explore potential career pathways, harness classroom learnings in real work settings, cultivate a valuable network, and acquire the readiness, competencies and knowledge for tomorrow’s success with an Enriched Career Experience (ECE).


Launch Your Future

The Cranberry Investment enacts Rider’s unwavering commitment to your success. It is our guarantee that every student who fulfills the requirements set out for them will gain an entry level position or acceptance into a graduate or professional program in their field of study within six months of graduation.