Club Sports

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Have fun while improving your skills through instruction, practice, and competition. Because clubs are student-managed and organized, you'll have the opportunity to participate in the sports you love while learning leadership skills you'll always value. At Rider, commitment, competition, and fun are all part of the game. You must be an enrolled full-time undergraduate student at Rider University to participate. Faculty and staff may contact the Recreation Programs Office at (609) 896-7770 if interested in coaching or advising opportunities.

Club Sports Council Executive Board

  • President - Norma Nieves
  • Vice President - Samuel Poehlmann
  • Treasurer - Brody Siekmann
  • Risk Manager - Nicholas Foppiano
  • Communications Liaison - Emily Kim

Adventure Club
The Adventure Club’s mission is to offer Rider University students adventurous, as well as fun activities to enhance enjoyment of campus life. These activities shall be conducted on and off campus during times when the students have free time. Club activities may include, but are not limited to, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, canoeing, paintball, rock climbing, jet skiing, and others deemed appropriate.

Aikido Club
Aikido was created as an effective martial art that is used for self defense purposes. Classes are lead by Sensei Manogue, a 5th degree black belt in the United States Aikido Federation (USAF). Come and practice with us to train in self defense or simply for the fun of it.

Badminton Club
The Rider University Badminton Club provides an opportunity for students to play and learn the sport of Badminton while promoting healthy competition amongst members and with other universities. The club typically practices in the SRC twice a week and may schedule competitions or attend competitions each semester.

The Rider University Club Baseball team is a competitive club for students who are looking to continue playing baseball at a high level. The club competes in Division 2 of the National Club Baseball Association (NCBA) and travels to play schools mostly in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area. The club has existed for over a decade at Rider University and continues to grow and improve each year. In 2015 the club was Conference Champions and competed in the postseason.

Basketball (women's)
The Rider University Women’s Basketball Club provides students with an opportunity to participate in competitive basketball at the club level. In addition to competing against other local universities, the club hosts structured practices twice a week while improving team dynamic as well as leadership skills.

Dance Team
The Rider University Dance Team (DTG) is a competitive modern dance group specializing in hip hop that performs at university events such as home basketball games, Awareness Day, Friday Night Lights (Intramural Flag Football games), any others. DTG also travels to the MAAC Basketball Tournament each year to support the varsity teams as well as entertain the crowd. They host a home performance at the end of each academic year which highlights their skills and routines they’ve learned throughout the year.

Esports Club
Rider University Esports Club members will form teams across multiple video games to practice and compete against schools across the country. We will focus on solidifying competitive teams for titles chosen by the club (League of Legends, Super Smash Brothers, etc.) while continuing to build and retain membership. We began to contend on the competitive scene for collegiate esports in Fall 2019. 

The Rider University Equestrian Team is a club sport for full time undergraduate students. Its goal is to instill knowledge and skill in horsemanship and riding. The club will educate members of the Rider University community about horses and related subjects, foster interest of riding, and present members with the opportunity to experience the sport.

The Rider Golf Club provides students with a fun and semi-competitive golf experience in which they can meet new people as well as practice a game that may potentially assist them with networking in their careers. The club hopes to begin its first competitive matches this upcoming season and is open to all players of any skill level. If you have any questions about the club contact President Ryan Grasso at [email protected].

Ice Hockey
Rooted in strong tradition of competitive hockey, the Rider University Hockey Club offers students a chance to continue playing while acquiring a quality education. The club is a member of the M.A.C.H.A. League and competes against teams such as Marist, Harvard, MIT, RPI, Roger Williams and Duke. They achieved their best season ever in 2010-2011, finishing with a 22-7 record. In 2000, they captured the M.A.C.H.A. Championship and in 1999, qualified for the A.C.H.A. Nationals in Salt Lake City.

Lacrosse (men's)
The Rider University Men's Lacrosse Club is an intercollegiate, non-varsity program that participates in the NCLL (National College Lacrosse League). The club has existed at Rider for more than two decades and this year promises to be the best yet. Both experienced lacrosse players and athletes with no lacrosse experience are welcome to participate as we look to expand the awareness of and participation in the fastest and oldest sport in America. The club is also seeking team managers.

Lacrosse (women's)
The Rider University Women’s Lacrosse Club provides students with participation in an organized sport. Besides playing lacrosse, the club focuses on developing players by improving team and group skills as well as leadership skills. The club practices twice per week, either on a grass field, the field turf, or indoors in the SRC, and participates in 2-3 fall ball games while carrying a larger competition schedule in the spring.

Rock Climbing
Rider Club Rock Climbing (R.C.R.C.) is the official rock climbing club sport of Rider University and home of the Bronc Climbers competition team. Learn how to boulder, top rope and participate in optional competitions around the East Coast. Join us for a great weekly workout and a fun time with friends. All skill levels are welcome!

Soccer (men's)
The Rider University Men’s Soccer Club provides students with competition amongst other universities who are members of the Region 1 Club Soccer League.

Soccer (women's)
The Rider University Women’s Soccer Club provides students with competition amongst other universities who are members of the Region 1 Club Soccer League.

Softball Club
The Rider University Softball Club is a group of closely knit woman who love the sport.  The team varies in experience from those who are playing for the first time to those who have been playing for years.  We promote sportsmanship and friendship among teammates and opponents from other schools.  Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced player, Rider Softball Club welcomes you!  We typically practice 2-3 times a week, depending on the season.

Swim Club
Club Swim is an organization on campus for students who enjoy swimming at the competitive club level.The purpose of is to provide students of Rider University participation in an organized team sport. Besides swimming, our organization focuses on developing participants not only by improving athletic skills, but also leadership skills and group skill dynamics.

Table Tennis
The Rider University Table Tennis Club provides an opportunity for anyone who is interested in Ping-Pong, or anyone who would like to try something new. We'll be covering basic techniques, styles, forms and enjoying learning together. We are here to help members to sharpen their skills so that they can love this wonderful sport more while having a great time at Rider. The club typically practices in the SRC twice a week.

We are a group of undergraduate Rider University students who have a passion for tennis. We hope to introduce more of the Rider community to the enjoyable game of tennis, feel free to join. All are welcome!!!

Ultimate Frisbee
We are Rider Ultimate Frisbee (RUF). Our goal is to play Ultimate and spread the awareness of the game, and further our skill and achievements in it. Most of all we are here to expand members of the club and team and have fun!

Unified Sports Club
The Rider University Unified Sports Club is a recreational club where Rider students (Unified Partners) and Special Olympics Athletes come together to play on the same team in a variety of sports.  The goal of the Rider Unified Sports club is to promote friendship and inclusion through sports while still keeping a competitive atmosphere. Currently, the club hosts Unified Soccer in the fall and Unified Basketball in the spring. Each league consists of 5-6 weeks of play on either Saturday or Sunday and teams are decided after an “Assessment Day” in which partners and athletes participate in a variety of drills to determine the best fit for each team. If a club member is highly skilled in a sport he/she may be asked to serve as an official or a coach for a team. Other members may choose to help keep score, organize game day operations, or simply come out to support the group. Some members participate in other Unified events off campus such as Bowling and Volleyball.

Volleyball (men's)
Here at Rider, our Club Volleyball team's number one desire is to practice and perfect our play of the game. All skill levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced. We do have a travel team if you want to try out and you can then present your skill on the court against other rivals in our conference. Volleyball is a great team sport and we always have fun.

Volleyball (women's)
Here at Rider, our Club Volleyball team's number one desire is to practice and perfect our play of the game. All skill levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced. We do have a travel team if you want to try out and you can then present your skill on the court against other rivals in our conference. Volleyball is a great team sport and we always have fun.