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If you do not feel that you need counseling, but are looking for some help in coping with various difficulties, check out some of these links!


Meditation is a great way to create health and reduce stress.  Meditation can lead to significant improvements in physical and mental health.  It is something to which you can devote 5-15 minutes a day and begin to create a healthier lifestyle!  Research has shown that meditation practice can lead to: elevated mood, improved sense of self, reduction of anxiety and tension, reduction of use of drugs and alcohol, change in body processes such as blood pressure that are related to physical health, and strengthening of positive coping skills.


One great way to cope with stress and reduce anxiety is to practice deep breathing and relaxation. Check out these sites for more information and downloads to start your practice!


Almost any form of exercise can act as a stress reliever, and a little exercise goes a long way toward stress management. Exercise increases overall health and well-being.  It gives you more energy, increases your brain and body’s feel-good chemicals, takes focus off life stressors, improves health, helps with maintaining healthy weight and sleep, decreases symptoms of depression and anxiety, and can even increase calmness and optimism.  Make exercise a part of your stress management plan!


Eating well and creating a healthy relationship with food is key to overall physical and mental wellness.  Start educating yourself regarding a well-balanced diet and how to sustain a healthy relationship with food!

Sleep Hygiene

Getting enough sleep is of dire importance! Sleep is restorative, and not getting enough will interfere with many aspects of your mental and physical health, such as concentration, memory, attention, mood, motivation, efficiency, flexibility, performance, energy, immunity, and more.  Find out if you are getting enough and if not, what you can do to get more sleep.

Motivation, Goal Setting, and Time Management

Motivation, Goal Setting, and Time Management are all factors that affect academic performance and the ability to successful manage college and life. Below are links to more information related to these topics that may be of help to you:

Creating Social Support Network

It is well known and has been shown through research that social support is a key factor in psychological well-being.  It is one of the best coping mechanisms we can have to combat stress and everyday life difficulties, and it promotes overall well-being!  Here are some sites that talk about how to make friends and build healthy and lasting relationships with others.


During college students experience a variety of losses.  You may even experience the first serious loss of your life.  Losses can come in the form of the ending of relationships or the death of a close loved one. There are stages that people go through in their grieving process.  The link below provides some information related to how to cope with all of the different emotions and experiences associated with loss.