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Is Orientation required?
Yes – every new student is required to attend Orientation.  This is because Orientation gives you the opportunity to meet and get to know your classmates, learn about the campus and available resources, meet with faculty and administrators, and receive your course schedules.

What happens at Orientation?
A current student saw this question and jokingly responded, “EVERYTHING” – but it’s true!  Orientation is a time when you meet your classmates, learn about being a college student, hear from different offices and organizations, and receive information about your academic department.  It’s the first time you spend time on campus as an official Rider student and it is the foundation of your Rider career.

When and how long are orientation sessions?
All freshmen will attend a two-day program during the summer. Check in on the first day begins at 1 p.m. and the program begins promptly at 2 p.m. Parents and family members check in at the same time as their students. Day 1 programming for parents and family members ends at 8 p.m. Day 2 of orientation for all attendees begins at 8 a.m. and ends by 3 p.m.

What if I need to change my orientation session date?
If you need to reschedule your Orientation, please call 609-896-5373 or email [email protected].

Staying Overnight
Incoming freshmen are expected to stay overnight in the residence halls during Orientation. Parents and family members coming from a distance are invited to stay at local hotels. 

Do I need to bring anything specific to Orientation?
If you are staying overnight you will need to bring bedding and anything else you would need for a one night stay.  The rooms are  air conditioned, so we ask that you do not bring a fan.  You might also want to bring flip-flops for the showers.

Are you a Westminster Choir College Student?
Visit the Princeton campus Orientation information section that is specific to Princeton campus students.

Who do I talk to if I have a documented disability?
Student Accessibility and Support Services (SASS) provides services to students with documented disabilities.  These services may include reasonable accommodations, including testing accommodations, accessing auxiliary aids, assisting with communicating needs to professors and staff, and individual sessions with professional staff.  If you need disability related services, complete the “Confidential Self Disclosure Form” and return it with the required documentation to SASS.

What do I do if I need accommodations for Placement Testing?
Student Accessibility and Support Services (SASS) office must receive your Confidential Self Disclosure Form and required documentation prior to your testing date. The office will review and approve your request in advance, if appropriate. Requests on the day of Placement Testing are unable to be considered for that date. Information regarding required documentation can be found on the SASS website.

I am afraid to take a language in my first semester of college. I don’t know if I can handle college-level language courses.
The placement testing system has been quite accurate in placing students at the appropriate level, so you will not be challenged above your abilities. In fact, students who wait to take a language until later in their college career find that they forget information and have greater difficulty with their courses. Most importantly, Rider professors in the language courses are focused first and foremost on student success. They want you to do well and help you every step of the way. Courses are taught in such a way that students make connections between the language they are studying and the many cultures of the world who use the language in every day conversation, business environments and in literature, music and the arts. Many of our students like the experience so much that they add a minor or double major in the language and see its benefits to their overall career goals. Taking your language course right away will give you the necessary time to continue your study if you choose to, and perhaps to even add a study abroad experience to your studies.

What do I do if I want to change my major?
If you wish to change your major, please call the Office of Admission at 609-896-5042.  If you arrive at Orientation and do not have the correct major on your Orientation nametag, you will be able to speak with an Orientation Staff member to request a change of major at that time.

How do I get my course schedule for the fall semester?
You will receive your course schedule on the second day of Orientation when meet with your respective departments. If you have any questions or concerns about your schedule you will be able to speak with an academic advisor.

How do I receive credit for my AP classes or courses I took at another college?
If you anticipate receiving credit for Advanced Placement classes and have not yet spoken with an Admissions Counselor, you should call the Office of Admission at 609-896-5042.  In order to receive credit you must submit an official Advanced Placement score report to the Office of Admission.

Am I allowed to have a car on campus?
Yes, all students are allowed cars on campus, but you must register your car with Campus Safety.  You will have the opportunity to do that during Fall Opening when you arrive for the semester.

If I’m interested in trying out for one of the athletic teams, what do I do?
It differs from team to team whether students are able to walk on and try out.  If you’re interested in trying out for one of the teams, you should visit to find coaches and information for your particular sport.

If I’m not at a Division I level or don’t want to make that commitment, is there any other way to keep up with my sport?
Yes, definitely – Recreation Programs offers both Club Sports and Intramural Sports.  Club Sports are student-run teams that compete against club teams at other colleges.  Intramural Sports are open to the entire Rider community, regardless of skill level, and allow you to keep playing your current sport, try something new, or just stay active.  Also, if your sport does not currently exist, students are always welcome to start your own club team.