FAQ: Mobile Program

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How do I get a University owned mobile device?
OIT must receive a completed Cellular Authorization Form, which includes a justification of need, and approval of a Division Head or Dean.

Can I transition my personal phone number to a university phone?
Yes. If you have been approved to receive a mobile device, OIT staff can move your current personal phone to a University owned device. Note that if you have a mobile provider other than Verizon, you may be responsible for early termination charges.

Can I keep my mobile phone number if I leave Rider?
In most cases, yes, subject to the approval of your Division Head or Dean.

What type of phone will I get?  What type of plan?

Approved Business Need Device  Plan
Voice/Data iPhone 11, Black, 64 gb storage 400 shared minutes, unlimited data and txt
Voice/Txt Flip phone w/ querty keyboard 450 shared minutes, txt plan varies

What happens if you go over your 400 minute allotment?
Rider subscribes to a business share plan so there is no need to worry about overages. If you go over the 400 minute allotment, unused minutes from other phones on the plan will be used.

What happens if you damage or lose your phone?
OIT will replace the phone with the same model (if available). Equipment costs for the replacement phone are charged back to the account that pays for the monthly plan costs the next billing cycle.

What are the security concerns with using a personal device?

  1. Most individuals using a personal device for work are also individuals that have access to confidential, restricted, or regulated information in email correspondence or attachments, or remote access to Rider work materials.   The risk of an exposure of data and compliance consequences could be severe.
  2. Rider’s OIT staff have a limited ability to audit and enforce university mobile security policy/procedures on personal devices.
  3. For more information about security vulnerabilities on mobile devices check out the whitepaper “Six Ways You May Be Losing Mobile Data and Don’t Even Know It”

How will the security concerns be addressed by using a provided university owned device?
All university owned mobile devices are enrolled in the university’s mobile device management (MDM) service which will allow the University to erase a device remotely in the event it is lost or stolen in addition to other security measures.