The Canvas Learning Management System is Rider’s campus supported web-based teaching and learning tool. Canvas enables professors to provide students access to course materials, communication tools, online assessments, and grades, as well as the ability to submit assignments electronically. It also provides students with a consistent environment for interacting with the course materials regardless of the mode of instruction.

Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty and Staff about Canvas

How do I access Canvas?
You can access Canvas by going to and logging in using your Easypass id. You’ll find your courses that you are teaching under the “Courses” tab, along with any organizations you’re a part of and any account(s) you manage.

When are my courses added to Canvas?
Each semester, courses and students are added to all Canvas courses approximately when registration begins. Please check MyRider to verify your teaching assignment. If you are the instructor of the record in MyRider but you can’t find your courses in Canvas, please contact OIT Helpdesk. If you are not the instructor of the course in MyRider, you will need to contact the appropriate personal in your department to update official information. If you have recently assigned to be the instructor of course in MyRider for the course, please allow up to twelve hours for your enrollment to be added to Canvas.

Why can’t students access my Canvas course?
Canvas course sites are not accessible to students until the site is made available or "published" by the instructor, so it is normal for students not to see all their courses listed in Canvas.

How do I publish my Canvas course?
To publish your course, simply click “Publish Course” from the “Next Steps” menu on the bottom left of the home page. Alternatively, you can click “Published” from the banner that sits across the top of every unpublished Canvas course’s homepage and then click the "Publish Course" button at the bottom left of the page.

To enable students to access your course, you'll need to "publish" it. Once a Canvas course is published, it cannot be reverted to "unpublished" so be sure you publish when you're ready.

Can faculty easily submit grades from Canvas to the Registrar's MyRider grade submission system?
No. Currently this is a manual process. You will need to submit grades in MyRider.

How can I request a "Sandbox" course or a community organization site?
If you would like to have a Canvas site to use for practicing or for collaboration with colleagues, please contact the OIT Helpdesk at (609) 219-3000 or [email protected]. Please provide the name you would like to give your Canvas course and the names of people who should be the leaders or teachers. Preferably, your list should include easypass id ; at minimum, full names are required.

How often are students populated into courses?
The loading of Banner course rosters into Canvas course sites is not automated. Banner roster updates will take place four times per day. Add and drop students will be added after Banner course roster update.  If your students have recently registered for the course, please allow up to twelve hours for your enrollment to be added to Canvas.

My course list doesn't show all of my courses! How do I access them?
Canvas displays up to 12 courses in the Courses drop-down menu. Once users have more than 12 courses/organizations, they may customize the drop-down menu to choose which courses/organizations to display. You can always access all of your courses, past and present. Click on your course list and when that dropdown list pops open, look for the text at lower right that says “View all courses.” Click on that text and you'll be taken to a new screen, which will list all of your courses, past and present alike. Click on a course's name to enter it.

Will Canvas work on my mobile device?
Most features Canvas are supported on mobile devices. You can access Canvas on your mobile device through any mobile browser. However, mobile browsers are not officially supported.  Instructure recommend using Canvas mobile applications for an improved user experience. 

Canvas by Instructure. This app is free and supports both iOS 7.0+ and Android 4.0+ devices. Depending on your device, not all Canvas features may be available on the app at this time.  

Where can I get help? 

Canvas is accessible via:

Canvas Mobile Apps: iOS | Android  | Speed Grader for Teachers, for teachers on iPad

Please download Canvas Mobile app in iTunes or the Google Play store.

Note: When you open the app, you MUST use the following URL for Rider: