5 Benefits of Working While Attending School

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1. Experience

Working part time either on campus or in the local community is a terrific way to get “real world” professional experience that you can list on your resume and discuss in an interview for an internship or a full time job. While working in the library or for Public Safety may not seem directly related to your professional goals you are learning important skills including time management, communication, problem solving and more.

2. Academics

Studies show that an on-campus job has the potential of impacting your grades in a positive way. Students who become actively involved on campus tend to be better about managing their time and responsibilities. Studies show that students who work up to 30 hours a week do just as well or even better academically than those who don't. Working only 12-15 hours a week (as most students do) shouldn't affect your grades.

3. Building Connections

As you acquire career experience you are also expanding your knowledge of Rider, building meaningful relationships and gaining self-confidence. Working on campus allows you to meet and work with faculty and administrators who can serve as advisors and even mentors. This time on campus may also help enhance your social life – the more people you meet in the Rider community the more you will learn about activities, events and organization that you can join.

4. Flexibility

On campus jobs as well as some off campus part time jobs are designed to work around student’s schedules allowing you to work a few hours between classes. Working on campus is also convenient and will eliminate extra commute time to and from a job.

5. Money

Last but not least, you can earn extra money! Additional income can certainly relieve some of the financial stress that comes with pursuing a degree.