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The office of One Stop Services and Career Development and Success (CDS) now offers students the opportunity to find campus employment online using Handshake.  Students accessing Handshake have the ability to view and apply for undergraduate jobs and graduate assistantship positions on campus.

The office of One Stop Services is excited to partner with CDS integrating campus employment with Handshake as an effort to improve the student job search experience and enhance student preparedness for entering professional careers.  If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected].

How to get a job on-campus?

  1. To obtain a position on campus a student may search Handshake.  Undergraduate students may also attend the Fall Job Fair where university departments will be available to meet with students, give an overview of their available positions and answer any questions students may have regarding student employment.  Review Instructions for Finding a Job.
  2. Once a student has secured a position on campus, supervisors or students may obtain a blank student employment contract from the Disbursements Office on the Lawrenceville Campus or the Associate Dean of Students Office on the Princeton Campus. 
  3. Students should complete sections I and IV.
  4. Supervisors should complete section II.
  5. The contract is returned to Colleen Banfe, Barbara Huff or Debbie Farris in the Disbursements Office, Library Building Room 106.
  6. If the student is a new student employee, a member of the Disbursements Staff will assist the student in completing the required I-9 and W-4 forms.  Please see the I-9 form for detail information regarding the required documents needed to complete the I-9 form.  Rider is not legally allowed to assign work to employees before an I-9 form is completed.  When the I-9 form is complete we can finalize the student’s contract.  This form only needs to be completed once, not each academic year.
  7. Once a valid contract has been received in Disbursements, student timesheets will be generated.  This process usually takes 3 – 5 business days.  The timesheets are sent to the hiring supervisor.  Once the initial timesheets are generated, the student will automatically receive pre-printed timesheets each pay-period to be completed.
  8. If the student or supervisor does not receive timesheets in the department within 6 business days of submitting the contract, please call Colleen Banfe (ext. 5270), Barbara Huff (ext. 7363) or Debbie Farris (ext. 5004) in the Disbursements Office to resolve any potential problems.
  9. Timesheets completed and signed by the student also need supervisor and budgetary head signatures.  Once all the signatures are in place, return the timesheet to Disbursements in Library Room 106.  Each preprinted timesheet will specify the date the timesheets are due in the Disbursements Office along with the corresponding pay date.
  10. Paychecks and Direct Deposits are available at the Cashier’s Office on the Lawrenceville Campus and at the Associate Dean of Student’s Office on the Princeton campus each payday.

For more information and if you have any questions, please contact:

Headshot of Christopher Watson
Student Employment Coordinator
Bart Luedeke Center, Second Floor, Suite 237

Chris is the On-Campus Student Employment Coordinator for Career Development and Success.  As the Student Employment Coordinator, he assists individual entities and departments campus-wide with the following: