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Students are at the core of our work, and therefore we lead all decisions and interactions to consider the individual and collective needs of students. At Rider University, this student-centeredness includes demonstrating genuine care, being available and responsive, and being visible in the campus community. Our students-first philosophy facilitates holistic development that prepares students to change the world – by engaging students in learning and self-reflection both in and out of the classroom.


Realizing that we achieve more collectively than individually, we value true collaboration both within Student Affairs and with other campus stakeholders. This collaboration requires and promotes open and continuous communication, a team spirit, leadership from a broad lens, and a willingness to co-author our work for the sake of students. Trust is fundamental to true partnership, and includes both personal accountability for work paired with a sense of grace and personal understanding. We regard Student Affairs staff as a team, working towards collective goals, and supporting one another along the way.


Just as we seek transformative learning for our students, we seek transformation in the work we do to support them. Therefore, we model open-mindedness, rigorous thinking and planning, optimism, and a willingness to embrace change. This forward-thinking requires analysis of trends and issues and a commitment to ongoing assessment paired with innovative approaches. Underlying this transformative leadership are staff who demonstrate resilience and an unrelenting drive for excellence.


We believe in the power of education to promote an inclusive and just society, and therefore lead with and champion these values. We do this by exercising our appreciation of diversity in all of its forms and promoting inclusion through individual interactions and structural commitments. Understanding ourselves as lifelong learners, we commit to our individual growth on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, so that we may promote these learning outcomes with our students. We value and demonstrate respect and dignity for all people, inclusive of students, colleagues and the broader community.


The Student Affairs staff seeks to be exceptional - exercising a clear standard of excellence, in our work. This requires us to be experts in our field, committed to our own professional learning, and making time for professional reflection that expands our thinking. Together we will celebrate successes and learn from mistakes. Our aspiration towards excellence requires tremendous work ethic, positive energy and an invitation to staff to be their most authentic self, applying their strengths in ways that best contribute to the whole.


Essential to our core work as educators, we continuously demonstrate integrity. Conscious of how our professional values are transparent to others, we lead consistently with honesty and respect. Staff are expected to demonstrate congruence in their words and actions. Interpersonally, we encourage honest and fair feedback to support individual growth and organizational success.

Fall 2017