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Notice: This is a tip line only!

If you know of a crime that has occurred on campus or of a crime that may occur on campus, or if you have knowledge of any community member violating or about to violate any University policies, procedures, rules, or regulations, we would like for you to report it. Please complete and submit the form below.

If you are a witness to a crime 'in progress' or about to be committed, please consider calling 609-876-7777 or 911 immediately to report the crime.

The information that you submit through this Silent Witness Form will be forwarded to the Director of Public Safety ONLY.

After receiving your information, the Director will disseminate the confidential information as necessary to start or complete an investigation. Please include accurate details and names of suspects and witnesses if they are known to you.

Please note: You are completing the following form under a condition of anonymity. If you would like us to contact you, please complete the 'Contact Information' section at the bottom of the page. All information is kept confidential.

Department of Public Safety

Suspect's name. If suspect's name is unknown give a description of the suspect. (i.e. nickname, phone number, room number, clothing, age, race, height and weight, vehicle description, and license plate)
Contact Information
Contact Information is not required but will assist the department if we have any questions. All information is kept confidential. If you wish not to give your information please place an X in the name box.
Include Area Code