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Crime prevention is a high priority for the Department of Public Safety and the entire University. The Department encourages community members to be aware of their surroundings, both on and off campus, and to take responsibility for their own safety and security and that of others. 

The Department offers a number of important crime prevention and education programs and services. They include the following: 

Security surveys and vulnerability assessments

Public Safety routinely conducts security surveys and vulnerability assessments to identify areas of campus that present vulnerabilities to the safety of the University community. Public Safety also works with appropriate offices, including Facilities Management, in addressing concerns.

Park, Walk and Talk Program

Establishing personal contact with members of the University community in a non-crisis situation helps foster communication and recognition between the community and the Department of Public Safety. Public Safety officers routinely visit residence halls, Greek houses, and University offices for discussion and exchange of ideas. 

Buddy Program

A Public Safety officer is assigned to each residence hall and Greek house to serve as a liaison to the Department. These “buddies” meet regularly with their assigned building to discuss quality of life issues as they relate to personal safety and crime prevention.

Operation Identification

Public Safety tags personal or University property free of charge. This on-going service aids in deterring theft and helps law enforcement officials trace stolen property. The Rider community is urged to take advantage of this fast, easy way to protect personal belongings and University property.

Escort Service

Escorts are available free of charge to students and other community members who are visiting another building or returning from off-campus events late at night.  Public Safety officers and trained student employees on the Lawrenceville campus provide such services on foot or in a vehicle when available.  On the Princeton campus, a Public Safety officer will provide such services on foot.  Contact the Department at 609-896-5050 to request this service.  

Educational Programs

Programs such as fire safety demonstrations, crime prevention programs, and self-protection seminars are available to the University community free of charge and are conducted throughout the year. Anyone interested in these or similar programs is asked to contact the Department of Public Safety at 609-896-5029.

Crime Prevention Brochures

A series of brochures is available from Public Safety free of charge and are made available to new students and employees during orientation. Topics include home and office security, personal safety and security, operation identification, and credit card safety. 

New Student Orientation

Public Safety officers meet with new students and their parents during orientation to provide an overview of the Department’s programs and services and basic safety tips. 

New Employee Orientation

Public Safety officers meet regularly with new employees to provide an overview of the Department’s programs and services as well as fire safety and other basic safety tips. 

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.  Learn more about general safety tips and bystander intervention strategies to play a role in your own safety.