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Rider University offers bike friendly campuses with bike racks located in numerous locations.

Public Safety requires that all bikes be identified free of charge through its Operation ID Program which allows the Department to contact the owner when necessary. Bicycles without such identification run the risk of being removed from campus if parked inappropriately as described below. Students may also lose the privilege of having a bicycle on campus for the remainder of the academic year.

Please note the following:

  • Bicycle owners are encouraged to keep their bicycles locked at all times when not in use.
  • Bicycles are to be stored using the bike racks located throughout the campuses. They are not to be stored or temporarily parked in any building or stairway (including, but not limited to, residence hall common areas).
  • Bicycles left on campus for the summer must be labeled and locked to a bike rack. Space limitations preclude bicycles from being stored in residence hall storage rooms for the summer.

Bike rack locations

Lawrenceville campus

  • Bart Luedeke Center – ground floor by front entrance
  • Bierenbaum Fisher Hall Hall – Quad side facing Science Hall
  • Daly’s – front
  • Fine Arts Building – rear facing parking lot (near the double doors adjacent Centennial Lake)
  • Hill Hall – rear facing Gee Hall
  • Kroner Hall – front of C wing and at front entrance
  • Lincoln Hall – front by A wing
  • Canastra Health and Sports Center – front
  • Moore Library – ground floor by front walkway
  • Lynch Adler Hall – alongside Memorial Lot entrance side
  • Olson Hall – front by main entrance
  • Student Recreation Center – front
  • Sweigart Hall – front (Quad side) by the center doors
  • Switlik Hall – front facing Olson Hall
  • West House – adjacent patrol vehicle parking lot
  • Beckett Village A & B – courtyard
  • Ziegler/Moore Hall – front

Princeton campus

  • DIPS residence halls – in breezeways between the buildings
  • Talbott Library – under the tree
  • Cullen Center – facing the Cottages