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What you should know about purchasing of supplies, payments to vendors and check requests.

  • Download the Check Request form
  • Purchase Orders are required for all purchases over $1000 prior to the items being bought.
  • Purchase Orders are not required for "inside" vendors such as Collegiate Press and W.B. Mason.
  • Purchases under $1000 do not require a Purchase Order but one may be used if required by the vendor.
  • For your convenience, W.B. Mason has provided the University with a customized web site for ordering office supplies. To obtain a user name and password please contact, Colleen Banfe, ext. 5270, or email [email protected]. If the item can be obtained at a lower cost from another source, you may purchase the item from the lowest cost vendor.
  • To complete the Purchase Order, clearly fill in the name and address of the vendor on the top left side of the form. To the right on the top, indicate the department ordering the item. (This will assist in directing the purchase to the correct office and will also hasten the invoice reaching the department for verification and authorization.) After completing the details of the purchase, (e.g., quantity, item description and price), indicate account number(s) to be charged, department(s), along with the authorized signatory on the account(s). Note in the lower right box any special instructions. Forward the completed Purchase Order to the Budget Office for budget review. Allow five (5) working days for processing.
  • This is a good spot to emphasize that a Purchase Order is not to be used as a check request. No Check will be issued as a result of a Purchase Order, only a check request or approved invoice will generate a check. Actually, a check request should only be used on rare occasions and must be accompanied by a form of documentation (e.g., original receipts, registration form or order form-if the form is to be mailed with the check include the form plus a copy). Any check request that does not have the proper documentation will be returned to the department.
  • When purchasing Capital Equipment, you must indicate where the equipment will be located (building and room number) on the Purchase Order.
  • Invoices will be paid when they have been properly authorized by the department. It is recommended that each department have an approval stamp that reads as follows:

Approved for payment
Department Name
Auth Signature_____________
(This type of stamp can be ordered through the University Store.)

  • All checks will be mailed from the Disbursements Office. The only exceptions will be employee reimbursements, Athletic Officials, honorarium payments, and other pre-approved exceptions.
  • Any documentation that needs to accompany the check must be attached to the approved invoice or check request (note: the approved invoice must stay in the Disbursements Office as backup for the payment and cannot accompany the check).
  • Allow at least 5 business days for processing of any invoices or check requests. Please make sure the date requested and date required is completed on all check requests.
  • The Disbursements Office produces checks twice a week, on Tuesday and on Thursday, and are available for pick-up after 10:00am on Wednesday and Friday respectively.
  • It is a good idea to have the vendor send the invoice directly to the department. This will expedite the payment process.
  • Vendors being paid for services performed for the University must have a current W-9 form on file with the Disbursements Office before payment can be made. Call the Accounts Payable section of the Disbursements Office if you are unsure whether or not a form is on file. This is an IRS requirement. (W-9 forms are used to prepare the annual 1099 MISC. income for both the vendor and the IRS.)
  • Employee advances must be reconciled within 15 business days of returning from the trip. Additional advances will not be approved until all previous advances are reconciled.
  • Mileage is currently reimbursed at the IRS approved rate. Exceptions: Admissions and supervising teachers. Call Disbursements if you have questions regarding this policy.