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Everything You Need to Know About Direct (Automatic) Payroll Deposit

Direct deposit is a benefit that is available to anyone (Administrators, Faculty, Support Staff, and Students) that work for Rider University or Westminster Choir College, including those in an off campus University or College position.  This benefit enables you to access your payroll money through a ATM machine, at your convenience, rather than at the banks’ convenience.

By completing a Direct Deposit form, you can have your paycheck deposited directly and immediately into your account(s).  You can have the deposit split between four accounts, saving or checking, or any combination you choose.  You only need to complete this form once.  The direct deposit will stay in effect as long as you are employed.  The only time you will need to complete a new form is if you change bank accounts.   Some additional benefits are:

  • No need to rush to the bank before it closes.  No more forms to fill out.  No more waiting in line at the bank.
  • The bank does not need to be local.  We can send the deposit to any bank, anywhere.
  • Pay is immediately available on payday.  It’s there, ready to be used, right away.
  • You don’t need to be at work, or on campus, on payday in order to receive your check.
  • Your pay is protected.  Direct deposit can not be lost or stolen.  No need to request a replacement check because yours was lost in the mail, torn or damaged.
  • You still receive a pay stub with the same information as your current paycheck.

Please fill out a Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement form and take it to Disbursements.  If you are having the money sent to a checking account, please include a voided check, if available.   The first payroll after we receive the form we will run a test with the bank to verify that we have all the accurate account information for the deposit and you will still receive a paycheck.  Provided that the test is successful, the next payroll check will be direct deposited.

At your convenience, you will still need to pick up the Direct Deposit Stub from the Cashier’s Office (Lawrenceville Students) or the Dean of Students Office (Westminster Campus).


NEVER assume that Disbursements received and processed your time sheets.  Always make sure that you receive a stub indicating the amount deposited into your account before you access the funds. Some banks allow you to check your balance either on-line or at a MAC machine, but be sure to do this before you write checks to pay your bills.