Anniversary Employees

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August 2019

10 Years

  • Sharon Sherman, Dean's Office Education, Dean
  • Amy Atkinson, Academic Success Center, Coordinator, Writing Lab

5 Years

  • Donna Green, Development, Diector
  • Christopher Micali, Dean's Office, CCS, Academic Coordinator

September 2019

15 Years

  • Christian Carey, Music History & Theroy, Faculty
  • Daria Cohen, Foreign Language and Literature, Faculty
  • Joel Feldman, Philosophy, Faculty
  • Barbara Franz, Political Science, Faculty
  • Lucien Frary, History, Faculty
  • Leonard Goduto, Grad Ed, Leadersip & Counseling, Faculty
  • Gabriela Smalley, GEMS, Faculty
  • Nova Thomas, Voice, Faculty

10 Years

  • Trenton Blanton, Performing Arts, Faculty
  • Chih-Chieh Chiu, Economics and Finance, Faculty
  • Mariann Cook, Performing Arts, Faculty
  • Robert Helvering, Sacred Music, Faculty
  • Catrinel Tromp, Psychology, Faculty

5 Years

  • John J. Bochanski, Physics, Faculty
  • Quinn Cunningham, Mgt., H/R and Entrepreneurial Stud., Faculty
  • Laurel Harris, English Dept, Faculty
  • J.J.  Incollingo, Communications and Journalism, Faculty
  • Ira Kaufman, Office Info. Technology, Mgr., Databases and Applications
  • Hee Young Kim, Mgt., H/R and Entrepreneurial Stud., Faculty
  • Douglas Potkay, Athletics Dept., Tennis Coach
  • Kelly Ross, English Dept, Faculty
  • Maryanne Skalski, Office Info. Technology, Enterprise Application Mgr.