The Alcohol Policy (.pdf) and Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy are available here for review.  Both are part of Rider's Student Code of Social Conduct.

Please note some of the more significant changes reflected in the revised 2016-17 Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy:

  • A new section was added to provide victims of sexual or other violence with important information such as where and how to get help, preserving evidence, and reaching out to Public Safety, local police and/or a variety of support services.  
  • Students, whether victims, complainants or respondents, have the right to be assisted throughout the judicial process by an advisor of their choice.  Additional information is now included in the Policy to explain the advisor’s role.
  • More detailed information is now included in the Policy as it pertains to protective measures and accommodations while the judicial process is under way and following a finding of responsibility.
  • The Policy discusses when the University may act as a complainant in cases where a victim chooses not to move forward or participate in the process but the University decides to move forward with an investigation and/or disciplinary action because of its concerns for the safety and welfare of the victim and/or campus communities.  Factors that may be considered when the University acts as a complainant include, but are not limited to, the following: the increased risk that the respondent will commit additional acts of sexual or other violence; whether a weapon is involved; whether the victim is a minor; and/or whether the victim’s report reveals a pattern of perpetration by the respondent.  Both the victim and respondent will be notified of such a decision by the University.
  • A Table of Contents was added to make it easier to find the information you may need whether you are a student or employee.  As a reminder, the Policy covers reports of violations by students and employees.  

Editor’s Note: The University reserves the right to change, alter, modify, add, or delete any policy or procedure without prior notification. Students will be informed, however, in writing, either directly or through normal University communications channels, of any changes as soon as practical.