Informal Procedures for Employee Violations of the Policy

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Mediation is an informal, voluntary process that allows the Complainant and Responding Party involved in an alleged report of discrimination or harassment to discuss their respective understandings of the incident with each other through the assistance of a trained mediator. Mediation is designed to encourage each person to be honest and direct with the other and to accept personal responsibility where appropriate. Mediation is only offered as an option if both the Complainant and Responding Party are employees of Rider University. Mediation is not appropriate for certain cases, such as alleged sexual assaults, even on a voluntary basis.

Upon the consent of all parties to the report, the Title IX Coordinator (or designee), with relevant supervisors when appropriate, will seek an outcome through mediation to be conducted by University staff or an external professional engaged by the University. Any resolution through mediation also must be mutually agreed upon by all parties to the report. Both the Complainant and Responding Party have the right to bypass or end the informal report process at any time in order to begin the formal stage of the report process.

Records arising from informal procedures will not be used for any purpose other than those described above unless a report subsequently results in a formal hearing or otherwise becomes part of a legal action. Since informal level records represent allegations not supported by formal findings of fact, they will be maintained in a confidential manner separate from any other records for four (4) years. They will be destroyed after that period if no further allegations or formal reports have been received concerning the same individual. Such records shall not be used as evidence of guilt or innocence in any investigation or hearing involving a future report involving the same Responding Party. The Responding Party is entitled to include a response to documents contained in the confidential personnel file(s).