Appeals of Resolution of Employee Violations

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In instances where the Complainant and Responding Party are members of the collective bargaining agreement, any appeal of a final decision will be governed by the appeal process outlined in the collective bargaining agreement. In instances where the Complainant is a student and the Responding Party is an employee, the student appeal shall be handled by the Title IX Coordinator (or designee). A student seeking to appeal a final decision shall notify the Title IX Coordinator (or designee) in writing of the specific grounds for the appeal with seven (7) calendar days of the date of the final decision. The non-appealing party has seven (7) calendar days to respond to any written appeal. A non-appealing party is under no obligation to respond to any appeal. The Title IX Coordinator (or designee) shall review the record to determine if the final decision was within the bounds of the rationally available choices given the facts and standards set forth in the Policy. The Title IX Coordinator’s decision on the appeal shall be final.