Formal Hearing

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A Formal Hearing before the Student Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Board (the “Board”) results if and when charges are determined by the Title IX Coordinator (or designee) as a result of the Investigation.

The Formal Hearing must take place not more than fourteen (14) calendar days after delivery of the Notice of Charges to the Responding Party, unless the Board Chair, in their sole discretion, allows for a longer period of time.

If a report is filed within sixty (60) calendar days of the Responding Party’s intended graduation, during a University recess or Summer Session, or in other circumstances where the Title IX Coordinator (or designee) determines that the report cannot otherwise be resolved in a timely manner, procedural options may be limited. In particular, a Formal Hearing under these circumstances may instead take the form of an administrative hearing by a designated Student Affairs employee appointed by the Title IX Coordinator (or designee).

Hearing Process
The hearing process shall proceed as follows: