Good Samaritan Policy

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Rider University's Good Samaritan Policy

The health and safety of our community is of paramount concern to all members of Rider University. Community members are expected to act out of concern for themselves and others. Recognizing that there are times when members of the community find themselves in positions where medical assistance is needed to ensure the proper care of an intoxicated person, the University has established this Good Samaritan Policy.

Members of Rider’s community have an obligation to contact the Department of Public Safety or a Residence Life staff member when they believe an intoxicated person may be in need of assistance. No intoxicated community member seeking and/or receiving assistance for themselves or others will be subject to sanctions by the University under Rider’s Alcohol Policy. Intoxicated individuals seeking and/or receiving assistance will be required to complete educational or counseling initiatives which are intervention and prevention based and will be subject to action under the Code of Conduct for failure to complete those initiatives.

This policy does not preclude other appropriate authorities from taking action for violations which may be associated with the illegal possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages, or the University from taking action for violations associated with vandalism, theft, physical assault, sexual assault, hazing or other policy violations. Furthermore, community members demonstrate a consistent and repeated pattern of behavior, after appropriate intervention and education have been provided, will not be considered under this policy. Repeated incidents will require alcohol consultation and may necessitate the imposition of involuntary medical withdrawal from the University.

In the event of an emergency, students are directed to call the Department of Public Safety at x7777.