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Employment is available throughout the area at local businesses.

Supports the overall mission of the University by fostering a commitment to social and ethical responsibility.

Processes purchase orders and maintains the University budget.

Technology services include application and web services, networks and communications, and user support and technology training. Encompasses help desk support, computer purchases, software downloads, audio/visual and television needs, telephone and voice services, and more.

Unity + Diversity = University
Rider One Stop is a convenient way for students to find an answer to a question or problem regarding registration, financial aid, student employment, tuition, billing and payments, grades and transcripts, or graduation.
Whether looking for a degree program, certificate, or individual course, Rider has online programs and offerings to suit your needs.
Rider is pleased to offer more than 2,000 overnight accommodations to conferences and camps mid-May through August. Rider’s accommodations range from standard double rooms with shared bathrooms in the hallways to four person apartments with private bedrooms, kitchens, and en-suite bathrooms.