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Headshot of Kristine Brown
Associate Vice President for University Marketing & Communications
Headshot of Adam Grybowski
Director, Communications
Centennial 219
Headshot of Buddy Losavio
Director, Creative Services
Centennial 213
Headshot of Pamela Abbazia
Executive Director, Marketing and Digital Strategy
Centennial 206
Headshot of Anne Sears
Director of External Affairs
Williamson Hall
Headshot of AnnMarie Gervasio
Associate Director of Marketing
Centennial 113
Headshot of Angie S. Vujicic
Associate Director of Marketing
Centennial 112
Headshot of Rachel Stengel
Assistant Director of Communications
Centennial 218
Headshot of Tiffani Angelone
Assistant Director of Creative Services
Centennial 212
Headshot of Pete Borg
Centennial 210
Headshot of Eartha Williams
Administrative Specialist
Dax Finley
Creative Services Manager, Westminster College of the Arts
Williamson Hall 8215
Headshot of Cristina Orlando
Administrative Specialist
Williamson Hall, Suite 7
Headshot of Demara White
Digital Content Writer
Centennial 216
Headshot of Matthew Brown
Paid Media Specialist
Centennial 208
Headshot of Diane Cornell
Development Communications Manager
Centennial 201
Headshot of Steve Grancell
Multimedia Video and Design Specialist
Centennial 209
Headshot of Kyle Medernach
Creative Copywriter
Centennial 111
Headshot of Natalie Nguyen
Graphic Designer
Centennial 109
Headshot of Sarah Oskay
Graphic Designer
Centennial 109
Headshot of Megan Rosanova
Graphic Designer
Centennial 109
Headshot of Walt Schmidt
Graphic Designer
Centennial 108