Four Year Career Action Plan


Let’s work together to plan your professional development and reach your career goals! Career Development and Success (CDS) can help you clarify your professional interests, identify career possibilities, find internships/co-ops, network with alumni, connect with employers, prepare for interviews, apply to graduate school and search for jobs. Your professional development begins with your Career Action Plan.


  1. Stop by the Career Development and Success office and pick up your Career Planning Guide
  2. Complete your profile on Handshake – Rider’s online job management platform
  3. Check out the CDS website and familiarize yourself with the resources that the office offers
  4. Read Rider Career Talk, CDS’s bi-weekly e-newsletter, to gain tips and catch workshops and events
  5. Begin to explore majors and professional interests through academic classes and career programs
  6. Explore on campus jobs via Handshake to begin developing your professional skills and experience
  7. Create/update your resume by attending a resume writing workshop and upload it on Handshake
  8. Take a professional self-assessment (MBTI, Strong) – follow directions on CDS website
  9. Get to know your Career Advisor and begin a conversation about your professional development
  10. Join student organizations, fraternities/sororities and recreational sports


  1. Realize your “professional self” by completing The Professional VIPS Evaluation
  2. Touch base with your Career Advisor to identify careers that align with your interests and goals
  3. Discover career areas linked to your major through “What Can I Do With This Major” on the CDS website
  4. Consider community service to broaden your professional skills and experience
  5. Establish relationships with faculty and pre-professional advisors to get input on careers and grad school
  6. Build a robust LinkedIn profile by going to a CDS workshop
  7. Utilize Big Interview on the CDS website to beginning practicing your interview skills
  8. Attend CDS workshops on networking and professional dress
  9. Connect with alumni and other professionals through The Rider Shadow Experience
  10. Continue to participate in academic clubs, multicultural organizations and arts/cultural groups


  1. Research the career areas that align with your interests, skills, experience and goals
  2. Utilize Handshake to collect information on employers, internships/co-ops, fellowships and jobs
  3. Meet with your Career Advisor to hone in on your career areas of interest and tailor your resume
  4. Collect information and network by attending on-campus employer recruiting events
  5. Gain professional skills and experience through internships, co-ops and research opportunities
  6. Sharpen your interviewing skills by setting up a one-on-one mock interview with your Career Advisor
  7. Attend the Fall and Spring Rider Career Fairs to meet employers and submit your resume for internships
  8. Attain leadership positions in student organizations and leadership programs
  9. Begin the grad school application process - go to workshops and standardized test strategy sessions
  10. Expand your professional network through programs and events and keep track of contact information


  1. Schedule several meetings with your Career Advisor to create a job search plan with goals and timeline
  2. Make a list of 20 prospective employers using resources like Handshake, Indeed and other tools
  3. Complete five information interviews with alumni or other contacts in your professional network
  4. Refine your resume to include internships/co-ops, leadership roles, community service and more
  5. Draft a cover letter that can be revised for various employers and job opportunities
  6. Attend a CDS workshop on interviewing and professionalism
  7. Update your profile on Handshake and actively apply for jobs
  8. Attend the Fall and Spring Rider Career Fairs to meet employers and submit your resume for jobs
  9. Interview with employers by participating in On-Campus Interviewing or on site at potential employers
  10. Evaluate and respond to job offers and graduate school acceptances - Congratulations!

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