Networking is more than a skill; it’s an approach to life. It’s true. We all have networks — our friends, family, classmates, teammates — and we all rely on them for a variety for things, from friendship to help with a project. Networking invites us to look at our existing relationships and learn how we can nurture and grow them to create more opportunities and deeper bonds

Making Connections

Technology and social media have accelerated and added new dimensions to networking, which means your networks can grow faster, but just like your in-person networks, they need to be nurtured to realize their full potential. Remember, the people considering you for internships, co-ops or jobs are just that, people – and they all appreciate honest, human connection.

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Who should be in my network?

Build your network by starting with the people you already know and feel comfortable with – your friends, classmates, roommates, teammates, professors, coaches, staff, employers, and alumni.

How do I build my network?

Set a goal for what you’re seeking from the person you’re contacting. Do you want advice? An informational interview? No matter what channel you use to contact people – phone, LinkedIn, Facebook, email or in-person, remember the basics – be professional; identify yourself; name the person who referred you or how you found them. Be clear about why you’re reaching out and how they can help. Thank them for their time and assistance.

Networking Guide

Get great networking tips and practice by attending to a networking workshop or scheduling an appointment with your Career Advisor on Handshake. You can also check out networking tips and information on the Career Planning Guide.


LinkedIn connects you to people who know you and lets you view their connections, increasing your potential networking contacts. The site also has a video section designed for students where you can get help creating a profile or whipping up your own personalized video pitch.

LinkedIn Resources

LinkedIn for Students: Provides students an understanding of the benefits of a LinkedIn profile and tips to make the most of it.

Rider University's LinkedIn University Page - Find other alumni and start networking and get an insight into where other Rider graduates have landed.


Facebook is the most used social networking site on the planet. Thousands of brands, companies, and organizations have fan pages and even job boards you can use with Facebook apps. Facebook allows you to interact with them and share their posts and articles on your page. Reminder – if you’re using your Facebook account for professional networking, make sure your content is professionally appropriate.


Yes, the world still emails – and we recommend keeping it concise. Remember: identify yourself; name the person who referred you or how you found them. Be clear about why you’re reaching out and how they can help. Thank them for their time and assistance.

Rider Hosted Events

Rider loves helping you build and nurture your networks. We host several events throughout the year to connect you to the people and information you need to make a difference.

Career Fairs

Career Fairs bring networking opportunities to you! The Career Development and Success Team hosts three Career Fairs a year: two that target all majors and industries take place in March and November. Our Education Career Fair occurs every March.

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