Career advice from industry experts

Hear from experts on how to both prepare for and succeed in that new position.  Rider Advisory Board members and Alumni provide tips on how to interview for a position, the importance of professional etiquette and communication on the job; being confident in your abilities and how to take a leadership role; and many more successful tips for your career ahead.

Interviews, dress and follow up techniques

Hear from Mary Jo Abbondanza on the interview process, dress in the workplace and follow up techniques.

Mary Jo Abbondanza, RN, BS
Member of Rider University's Liberal Arts Advisory Board
Executive Director, Health Promotions, St. Francis Medical Center

Leadership in the workplace

Anders Hedberg covers various topics of successful traits of leaders as it applies to the workplace.

Anders Hedberg, PhD
Former Chair of Rider University's Science Advisory Board
President/Owner, Hedberg Consulting, LLC.

Communication and professional etiquette

Gary Nath reviews employers' expectations as it pertains to topics of communication and professional etiquette in the workplace.

Gary M. Nath, '66
Chair of Rider University's Science Advisory Board
Managing Partner & Member of Management Committee, Nath, Goldberg & Meyer
CEO/President, Goldtree Realty, LLC

Trends in globalization

Jim Bruno discusses current trends in globalization as it applies to the workplace and covers tips for preparing for and succeeding within this context.

Jim Bruno, '73 and '82
Former Chair of Rider University's Science Advisory Board
Managing Director & Owner, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Solutions

Confidence in the workplace

Elisabeth Svanberg, MD, PhD speaks about confidence in the workforce, what you should know about confidence and how to approach the topic in your career.

Elisabeth Svanberg, MD, PhD
Member of Rider University's Science Advisory Board
Vice President/Head of Intercontinental Medicine, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

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