Getting Started

EasyPass UserID

Any service that requires a login using your Rider email username and password is referred to as EasyPass authentication. Your EasyPass UserID is the first part of your Rider email address, the name that comes before <at>

The default password is your University 9-digit Bronc ID# and your birthdate in the MMDD format. New students will receive notification on their Bronc ID# from the Office of Admissions.

Most systems/applications at Rider University need EasyPass authentication. If you would like to change your password for any EasyPass authenticated system, visit Change your password. If you are still having trouble, you may need to have your password reset. Call the HelpDesk at (609) 219-3000 for assistance.

Email Account

Rider provides an email account to all students for use while taking courses.

It is imperative that all students regularly check their Rider email. The main form of communication between faculty, staff and students is the Rider email. Students may access their email account through or Your Gmail username is your Rider email address. Your Gmail password and your EasyPass (MyRider/Canvas) password are not the same.

Your instructor may send specific instructions to your Rider student email. Check your student email account frequently. You may also use the MyCourses link inside the MyRider portal to send an email to your instructor if you have questions before the course begins.

Learn more on Rider Email as Official Communication policy.


The myRider Web Portal is a personalized hub that allows Rider students quick access to available campus web services and resources. The portal is a means to access course selection, unofficial transcripts, financial aid awards, and billing information. It's also a great place to keep up with the latest announcements, campus events, and news releases. Students may search and register for sections using the Registration Tools channel on the Student Information tab on myRider.

Access myRider through the Quick Links or under the Current Student tab at the top of Rider’s homepage.

Learn more on how to use myRider.

Moore and Talbott Libraries

Rider University has libraries located on the Lawrenceville and Princeton campuses. The libraries are strongly committed to excellence in serving user needs, and strive to provide superior library services to our students, faculty, staff and alumni. Dedicated and expert library faculty and staff ensure that user information needs are met, and that assistance and instruction are given as needed.

The libraries also maintain tutorials for their services. Watch the short video at the top detailing the exact services that are available.


The Canvas Learning Management System is Rider’s campus supported web-based teaching and learning tool. Canvas is used by faculty to enhance classroom-based courses with online activities.  Canvas is utilized to teach hybrid and fully online courses. It also provides students with a consistent environment for interacting with online course materials regardless of the mode of instruction.

Canvas course sites are not accessible to students until the site is made available or "published" by the instructor, so it is normal to not see all courses listed in Canvas. If you have recently registered for the course, please allow up to 12 hours for your enrollment to be added to Canvas. (Visit Canvas Student tutorials to learn how to use the software.)

How to find Canvas
You can access Canvas in a variety of ways:

How to find your course in Canvas
After logging into Canvas, find your course(s) on the "Courses" tab. If an instructor asks you to access a Canvas course but it is not listed in your My Courses list, ask your instructor if the course has been published yet.  If the instructor has published the course, ask your instructor to check if you are on the roster.

Academic Calendar

All online students must adhere to the published academic calendar for their online courses. Go to the Registrar's web page to find the current academic calendar or by selecting the Academics tab on Rider’s main web page.

Finding and Registering for Your Online Courses

Find online courses

Students may find online course offerings through myRider.  Log in to your myRider account and select the Student Information tab.  Under Registration Tools access the View Open and All Courses List.  Select Enhanced Course Roster and type "OL" in the course section's input box to see the list of online courses offered for a given academic semester or term.

Students may also go to the Registrar’s webpage Course Schedule and Registration Information and select Open and All Course Lists. Select Enhanced Course Roster and type "OL" in the course section's input box to see the list of online courses offered for a given academic semester or term.

Registering for online courses

Undergraduate Students
College of Continuing Studies Students
Graduate Students

  • All undergraduate, College of Continuing Studies, and Graduate Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor prior to registering for online courses.

Previous Rider Students

  • Students who previously attended Rider should contact their appropriate Dean’s or Graduate Program office for more information on being re-admitted/re-enrolled.

Visiting Students

  • Students in good academic standing attending another institution must:

Prospective Students

  • Should contact the Office of Admissions for information regarding the application process.

Drop/Add/Withdrawal from online courses

Students may drop classes online through the end of the second week of classes using the Drop Classes link on the Registration Tools channel located on the Student Information tab on myRider.

Students may not drop their entire course schedule online. Students must notify their Dean’s or Graduate program office in writing in order to drop their entire schedule. Refer to the list below for more information.

NOTE:  It is a student’s responsibility to drop or withdraw from courses.  Rider faculty or staff will not drop or withdraw a student if the student stops participating in their online course(s).  Failure to drop or withdraw will result a grade of “F” and full tuition charges.

  • Undergraduate Online Courses [including all undergraduate summer courses]
    College of Continuing Studies
    [email protected]
  • Graduate Business Online Courses
  • Graduate Education, Counseling and Leadership Online Courses
    Contact the Office of Graduate Education (609) 896-5353
  • Westminster Choir College Online Courses
    Contact the Assistant Registrar’s Office (609) 921-7100 x8225

Academic Guidelines and Policies

Information about Rider University's academic policies, procedures and program may be found in the Undergraduate, Graduate or Westminster College of the Arts Academic Catalogs. Enrolled students are responsible for following the University's rules and regulations.

The purpose of the academic catalogs is to provide each student with general responses to frequently asked questions as well as the listing of policies, procedures, people, and places that you might need during your stay at Rider.

In addition Rider University’s official student handbook, The Source, information including academic guidelines, campus resources, University policies and Administrative Services.

All students are expected to know and follow Rider’s policies, so we suggest that you review them carefully.

University Bookstore

Your online course may require that you purchase a textbook. You may find your textbook requirement through your myRider account. From the Student Information tab, go to Academic Tools, and select My Class Schedule.