SAP Student Recognition Award

Students can complement their global supply chain management and business curriculum with a special certificate awarded jointly by Rider and SAP, the leading global provider of enterprise resource planning software (ERP). 

ERP software is used extensively throughout the world by a vast variety of firms, small and large, to assist in managing their logistics networks and supply chain activities. The Rider Advisory Board and many other employers have noted that experience with SAP while in college gives students a significant advantage when they enter the supply chain workforce.

Recognizing the value that experience with SAP offers our students, in conjunction with SAP, Rider’s Information Systems, Analytics, and Supply Chain Management Department offers a number of courses that provide SAP and related data warehouse and data mining training.  While at Rider, students can earn a “SAP Student Recognition Award” from SAP by successfully completing the following three courses in the Information Systems, Analytics, and Supply Chain Management Department:

  • CIS 315 – Integrated Business with SAP
  • CIS 360 – Data Mining
  • GSC 385 – Information Systems for Supply Chain Management

These three courses which form the SAP Student Recognition Award provide GSC majors with invaluable skill sets and learning that allows them to transition into full-time positions upon graduation at an extremely fast and productive pace.  If a student chooses to pursue the SAP Student Recognition Award, in most cases, the student will have an opportunity to take all or several of these courses before their required internships or co-op - which typically take place during the junior and/or senior years.  This again helps GSC interns and co-ops transition quickly and productively into their positions in private industry.  The SAP Student Recognition Award is an optional, but valuable complement to the GSC major itself. 

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